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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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African food? suggestions/recipes needed!! by Ahren on 20 April 2006 9:06pm
As a fundraiser for our trip to Zambia and Botswana, we are going to hold an African Evening. I was hoping that as you were all so well travelled you'd know some good recipes of African food, or any African recipes at all for that matter! Also what kind of snacks and fruit they have, and any other hints or ideas on holding the actual evening! We've got African drummers coming and we're going to play games like "pin the tail on the zebra"!
Re: African food? suggestions/recipes needed!! by Ken Dunn on 20 April 2006 11:30pm
I've heard of an African snack called biltong which is strips of dried meat. I'm not sure if it's salted or smoked. I seem to remember Michael eating camel prepared in different ways while in the Sahara. I also think figs and dates are of African origin.
Re: African food? suggestions/recipes needed!! by Ellerd on 21 April 2006 5:27am
My mother used to make biltong. I think she used to soak strips of skirt steak in soy sauce and then dry it. I'm not 100% sure, so I wouldn't try it at home!

Google has some biltong ideas, if you're interested.
Re: African food? suggestions/recipes needed!! by arty_farty on 21 April 2006 11:54am
Michael ate camel? how gross.

africa here i dont come.
Re: African food? suggestions/recipes needed!! by Ahren on 21 April 2006 7:29pm
Oooh thanks! not sure how well bitlong will go down but it would be fun to try it!! Anyone know where i can get hold of some camel meat then, other than at Marwell Zoo?!!
Re: African food? suggestions/recipes needed!! by Wild in Africa on 22 April 2006 2:52pm
In Kenya I used to enjoy Biltong from Beef, Buffalo and Gazelle meat. I see South African biltong is available now in some English pubs (and an improvement on pork scratchings!).

Camel meat is very tasty Arty. When I lived in Sudan it used to be the only meat I could get at times. I used to make a mean camel burger!

The tastiest African food I know is Ethiopian and fortunately there are a number of Ethiopian restaurants opening in the UK these days. It's very spicy though with lots of chilli so be warned. They also have a fondness for raw beef so if you want to avoid intestinal worms stay away from that. Otherwise it's rich, diverse, tasty and spicy. Sure you could find websites with Ethiopian recipes if you looked.

Most supermarkets do a range of tropical fruits (but think about the carbon emission issue of transport from tropical countries before purchase) Good examples widely enjoyed in Africa are Mangoes, Papaya, Avocados. If you can get dried fruit these would make good snacks. A lot of Indian corner shops in the UK are run by (formerly) East African Asians and they often stock imported food and snacks from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania so it is worth checking there.
Also Samosas are a good snack and are as popular in Kenya as they are in Asia as a snack. Another possibility is a Kenyan doughnut called Mandazi which is great hot and an even sweeter version from Sudan called Zalabia. Try googling for these to see if you can get the recipes.
Re: African food? suggestions/recipes needed!! by perfectbitch on 22 April 2006 4:16pm
A Nigerian woman who used to live in the flat below me used to cook a lot with plantains, yams, sweet potato, chicken and lamb or beef but never pork. She used many flavourings - onion, garlic and spices being the main ones.

Biltong is similar to beef jerky which you can buy in supermarkets but is not exactly the same. I expect goat is part of the African culinary experience and is delicious as a slowly cooked curry.

Portobello market sells all sorts of fruit and veg from other countries and much cheaper than in the supermarkets - you could also try Berwick Street market in Soho.

Hope this helps Ahren. Linz
Re: African food? suggestions/recipes needed!! by tucsonmike on 23 April 2006 5:36am
I remember Biltong in South Africa. It is like what we call beef jerky or pemmican.

I also enjoy Ethiopian food. We have a couple of good places in Tucson. We have an Ethiopian friend, so we have someone to take us.

My favorite Ethiopian restaurant story. I went to one in Chicago after a Cubs game. First words out of the waiters mouth after I sat down? Did the Cubs win? When I said no, he shrugged sadly but knowingly.
Re: African food? suggestions/recipes needed!! by sighthound on 23 April 2006 11:05am
I love Ethiopian restaurants 'cause you get to eat with your fingers - makes communal dining so much more friendly....
Re: African food? suggestions/recipes needed!! by Ahren on 23 April 2006 4:45pm
Wow! Thanks guys, that's a lot of choice there! I'll see what i can do....
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