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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Gap year ideas by neowens on 21 April 2006 5:58pm
I need some suggestions for my upcoming gap year. I'm based in england and by the time it will start (late April to early may) i will have roughly £3500 for spending money and actually paying off the trip itself. I need a few destinations which are cheap but have a healthy mix of beautiful landscapes and culture, i'm into culture and landscape in a big way. Any ideas where to go?
Re: Gap year ideas by Ahren on 21 April 2006 7:36pm
Sri Lanka. Beautiful place!

you could get in contact with organisations like World Challenge that are really good. My friend did one with World Challenge for her gap year in Ecuador and she loved it!
Re: Gap year ideas by Ken Dunn on 21 April 2006 8:31pm
Link Overseas Exchange meets your requirement. It is a Scottish based organisation but there are similar ones in England. Link does exchanges to India, Sri Lanka, China and Roumania. You would need to get in touch with them soon as their departure dates are in September and February for 6 months.
Re: Gap year ideas by neowens on 21 April 2006 10:37pm
i checked the site out, they're 6 month placements. I only have, realistically 3 months, 4 at a push to do this. I start Uni in september next year. I was thinking of south east asia and new zealand, what do you think?
Re: Gap year ideas by perfectbitch on 22 April 2006 1:06pm
Well neowens, with that amount of money for 3-4 months, you should be able to experience quite a lot of landscapes and culture. How rough are you prepared to accept for accommodation? You should check out vaccination requiements for S.E. Asia as some of them have a time factor.
New Zealand sounds good but, from what I have heard, is not so cheap and is lacking in culture however, the scenery is stunning and so diverse in such a small country.

Closer to home, Europe is steeped in different cultures but not cheap and then there's always Africa - Egypt, the Berbers etc.

If you wanted to help the tsunami survivors, I believe there is still much to do in all the affected countries.

Good luck. Linz
Re: Gap year ideas by SkyeAndy on 22 April 2006 7:35pm
Have a look at this

Re: Gap year ideas by neowens on 23 April 2006 9:49pm
Thanks Linz, i'm prepared to sleep anywhere at all to save money, but i would want a couple of days in (comparitive) luxury to spice things up. I also want to do some of the stuff Michael did in Indonesia, Borobudur temple, the gamelan music/puppet show and Mt Bromo.

That Ray mears thing sounds amazing, theres no doubt you'd experience both culture and landscapes. But i'd prefer to experience a range of different countries, that would be ideal.
Re: Gap year ideas by sighthound on 24 April 2006 3:46am
Can someone tell me more about "gap years"? It's not something that exists in the U.S. but it sounds like a wonderful idea.

Is it something that is institutional (i.e., you need to show your Uni that you are doing something interesting)? Or is it just something that has developed culturally to let late adolescents get out and experience things outside the classroom? What about people who are not going into higher education - does the culture encourage them to take a bit of time to do interesting things before they put their noses to the employment grindstone?
Re: Gap year ideas by perfectbitch on 24 April 2006 12:38pm
Hi sighthound - there is nothing official about having a gap year. Many students defer a university place for 1 year in order to work and save enough money for travel. It started some time ago when uni's began to relax their strict rules. It also reduced the number of "drop outs" either because the student never returned to uni or that the experience of a gap year spurred the student to stick at it to the end.

Personally, I think it should be compulsory for 18 yr olds to work/travel for a year before uni. It would put things into a more realistic perspective for many students.

When I was at uni as a mature student, I was struck by how inadequate many were at just the basics of day to day living. Also, without a little life experience, how can what is learned be considered objectively in the light of real life? This sounds clumsy but I hope you get the gist.

Re: Gap year ideas by sighthound on 24 April 2006 11:05pm
Thanks for the explanation, Linz. I wish I had taken a gap year. Sounds like a very sensible idea.
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