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  The Chatter Box : Welcome and Introductions
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Greetings from the Great White North by Christel on 4 May 2006 3:47am
Hi, everybody!
My name is Christel and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia -- the most beautiful place in autumn in Canada. I'm an überfan of Monty Python, and especially of Michael Palin (Arthur Pewtey will always have a place in my heart), and though I have not as of yet been out of North America, my worldwide travels officially begin in 25 days with a trip to the Czech Republic and Italy. I'm a history major at the University of King's College and there are about thirty of us from King's and Dalhousie taking a course in Baroque culture and theatre in the town of Cesky Krumlov, in southern Bohemia. After a month, it's off to Parma with a couple of other students and our history professor to do some research at the archives.
I started off really wanting to read Mr Palin's books, as I love to write and am planning on keeping a detailed and illustrated journal of my trip. I'm definitely taking tips from him -- especially about being willing to try anything (fortunately I have the constitution of a mountain goat). Not only did I find his writing inspiring, there are so many helpful and well-seasoned travellers who frequent this site and who are full of useful bits of information!
I'd love to hear from anybody who has tips for a first-time traveller, and especially from fellow lumberjacks who have expanded their horizons as I aspire to do!
Re: Greetings from the Great White North by sighthound on 4 May 2006 6:28am
Welcome, Christel!

I've never gotten to Halifax but it is definitely a place I've always wanted to visit. (I had cousins in every Province except Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI so we went to everywhere in Canada but there in my youthful travels with my family.)

What's Halifax like these days? My impressions of it are from movies and the recollections of friends who moved away 20 years ago.

Have fun here!

Geraldine (from California)
Re: Greetings from the Great White North by tucsonmike on 4 May 2006 7:04am
Welcome Christel,
You will never believe this. I have been to Nova Scotia, but not Halifax. I loved Prague. Let me know if you have any questions.
What is your specialty in history?
Re: Greetings from the Great White North by Spursfan on 4 May 2006 8:45am
Welcome to the site, Christel.

Re: Greetings from the Great White North by perfectbitch on 4 May 2006 9:42am
This is a great site with friendly people. Welcome. Linz
Re: Greetings from the Great White North by Christel on 4 May 2006 3:02pm
Halifax is a great place best city in Canada, but then I'm slightly biased. There's a thriving art community, lots of interesting things going on, and it has definitely become a more international city, even in the sixteen years I've lived here. Summer is exciting and autumn is beautiful, and if you don't mind constantly being hounded by us poor university students, Halifax is great not to big, not too small, friendly, even-paced.
In answer to Mike's question, I'm kind of gravitating towards early modern Europe, hence the Baroque course. I've just finished my second year, and I'm interested in way too many things, so I'll have to narrow it down this next year!

Thanks for all your comments!

Re: Greetings from the Great White North by peripatetically on 4 May 2006 3:23pm
Hi Christel! Welcome to Palins! You're right...there is a lot of helpfuI information to be found here.

Although I've never been to Nova Scotia, I have thought about it several times and someday I will go for sure. It sounds and looks charming.

I'm from Maryland, USA.

Re: Greetings from the Great White North by tucsonmike on 4 May 2006 6:13pm
Curious Christel. What got you interested in that specific aspect of European history? If y'all are nice, I will let you know about how I became interested in Chinese history.

BTW, I would hardly call Halifax "the Great White North." If you told us you are from Saskatchewan on the other hand...LOL! (I once worked with someone from Saskatchewan. I used to tease her about the only thing going on in the summer was the tumbleweeds blowing through).
Re: Greetings from the Great White North by sighthound on 4 May 2006 9:23pm
You're making me even more interested in visiting Halifax, Cristel. It's definitely moved up a notch or two on my list of places that I MUST visit.

In re. mike's comments, it really that cold in winter there? (I was born in Los Angeles because my father couldn't take Alberta winters any more.)
Re: Greetings from the Great White North by Christel on 5 May 2006 2:12pm
Yeah, you're right it's not really the Great White North, especially as we had practically no snow this winter and it only got really chilly for about week in February. Winter is usually a roller-coaster of frigid freeze-your-appendages-off damp cold and mild hey-look-it's-spring fake-outs hence the appallingly bad roads. The weather's really schizo all year round, though. It can be sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy or hailing all in one afternoon, and the only really predictable season is autumn, which is usually very moderate and beautiful.

And in answer to your question, Mike, I've always been sort of a Europhile (mostly because of the diet of almost entirely British and French literature I grew up on). But once I got into university, I didn't know much about early modern history, until I took a class called Origins of Modern Italy, for which I had an amazing teacher (the same one who is going on the trip to Prague). I sort of fit right in it also helped that my professor (like all good history teachers) is well-versed in the ways of the Python, and there were plenty of jokes about the Spanish Inquisition and "Bring out your dead!" I'm particularly interested in baroque Catholicism, all the really gory stuff like relics of saints and people buried under church floors.
But I'd love to hear about how you got interested in Chinese history (another thing I don't know much about).
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