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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Camera work by Nyagtha on 10 March 2003 1:21pm
I might just be being dim here, but I have a question; take for instance the time in 80 days when Michael gets the trans-American train from California to Glenwood Springs. Ok? During the journey we see shots of the train from a great distance. Or when, again in 80 days he is on the Orient Express, we see shots of the train. Another example is when we see him pulling away in his decided mode of transport from a train station or dock.
How do they get these shots if he is travelling with the whole crew?
Now I can understand any shots of a boat he is on from a distance because the cameraman can still get on a launch and reach the boat once it has set off; I can understand that when Michael is in a hot air balloon there is a cameraman doing the same in another. What I don't get is when we see a shot of Michael travelling or leaving a station. Do some members of the crew take different modes of transport?
I thought perhaps that the shots were of different vehicles, but particularly in the instances where we see Michael get on a train and then leave a station, this does not seem to apply.
Anyway, I am probably missing something really obvious here, go easy on me if I have, but if anyone can offer any answers that would be great - thanks.
Re: Camera work by Diamond on 10 March 2003 1:38pm
perhaps we could get it explained if with the next series they relaesd a programme called -The Making Of - which would be brilliant ,and give us an insight as to how these things are done! or would that give too many secrets away?

Would also like to see - the 'Out takes' you know where things dont go according to plan and Michael ends up in a fit of laughter with the crew joining in etc!

cant help with your question as I am puzzled too!?

Re: Camera work by buntiphocus on 10 March 2003 4:03pm
I think I read in the '80 days' book that for that trip there were two crews. One from London to Singapore and the other from Singapore to London. The crew left at Singapore then went back the other way to get external shots; ditto for the second half! So these would definitely be different vehicles.
As for the getting on getting off scenario I'm sure they'd just stop the train, wouldn't they?
I agree, though, a 'Making of...' and outtakes would be excellent. Roll on those DVD's!

Re: Camera work by peripatetically on 10 March 2003 4:07pm
That sounds mighty familair, Dave. Obviously, SOMEONE in the crew is not on the train at that time. Maybe stayed behind and caught up later.

Re: Camera work by Nyagtha on 10 March 2003 6:07pm
Thanks for the suggestions, I reckon it must be that they have a seperate crew for external shots because they manage to get him pulling into stations and so forth.
The Making of Documentary by the way is a masterful idea. That would be brilliant, it is just the sort thing Michael's journeys need, especially as there are others travelling with him who we hardly see.

By the way - how many Daves and Davids are there on this site? It seems to be the only blokes name I see.
Re: Camera work by Diamond on 10 March 2003 9:12pm
we do have a Bruce - but he may be at work right now!!
Re: Camera work by peripatetically on 10 March 2003 9:19pm
Well, David, being the offical keeper of the Patty's Vital List, I just counted 6 David's " Of course, other ones might be popping in and out without leaving anything but their name, so I can't account for them.

Re: Camera work by RichB on 11 March 2003 9:34pm
I think the most plausible explanation is that the members of the crew who take these shots do take alternative modes of transport. Think about times when you see Michael's plane from the ground, that cameraman is obviously not on board.

There are also times when there isn't enough room for everyone such as on the dhow. Michael meets 'the others' in Singapore afterwards.

Rich (not Dave)
Re: Camera work by Rusted on 12 March 2003 8:33am
Right, I've always thought it was as Rich proposed - in fact, I think specific occasions are mentioned in the books that really would lead you to believe that most of those shots are accomplished like that.

Re: Camera work by Tracy on 12 March 2003 8:44am
yeah ive always wondered that myself...
and yeah, i would love a behind the scenes kinda thing...im obsessed with that kinda stuff!

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