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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Barbaro by sighthound on 21 May 2006 1:26am
I broke off from a very nice chat in the chat room to watch the Preakness. I really thought that this colt would go all the way to the Triple Crown. He is extraordinary! This was the saddest race I've ever seen since Ruffian's last race. (Looking at the film, I don't think he will have to be put down but he will never race again.)

Are there any other horse lovers out there who want to get together to cry?
Re: Barbaro by tucsonmike on 21 May 2006 5:43am
I saw a tape of the race. It was sad, that is for sure.
Re: Barbaro by sighthound on 21 May 2006 8:28am
Injury was worse than it first appeared - a double break. He may not make it. Surgery tomorrow. A lot will depend on how he reacts. Ruffian's injury could have been fixed but she went nuts every time she was taken out of sedation so she didn't survive. Horses are prey animals and want to run when they are hurt or feel threatened; the ones with a lot of heart rarely make good patients. Crossing my fingers for Barbaro, a truly magnificent animal. (Horses always break your heart.)
Re: Barbaro by suzulu on 21 May 2006 6:34pm
I am a horse lover and that is terrible news! I do hope he will be OK and not have to be put down. I am crossing my fingers.

I went to a horse show a few years ago and a horse fell at a jump and broke his leg and he was put down there and then on the course. It was very upsetting.
Re: Barbaro by Helen on 21 May 2006 9:15pm
I am with you, sh. I have been a nervous wreck all day. I believe in Barbaro, buut it will be a miracle if he overcomes this very serious injury.

Prayers for the brave, swift and noble Barbaro. Miracles DO happen, and I am hoping like hell one is performed on him today.

he would have gone all the way, for sure. have not seen a horse like him since the late, great Seattle Slew. He has the look of eagles.

Re: Barbaro by sighthound on 21 May 2006 11:53pm
And I haven't seen as much front end reach and drive since Secretariat. He would have been one of the great ones.

He's still in surgery (5 hours already)and there will be a news conference with the surgeons carried live on TVG when it's over. There have been news bulletins all day - most unusual for media coverage of a horse.

The New Bolton Center is the best possible place for him to be. So many horses survive surgery but do themselves in by the way they react afterwards. At New Bolton, horses are fitted with a sling on the operating table, then lowered onto a raft and into a swimming pool where they float, held by the sling, until they wake up and stabilize. Then a monorail carries them to their stall - a truly amazing innovation that has saved many horses who wouldn't have lived if treated elsewhere.

Still, he's facing the longest odds of his life and, even it the surgery goes well, it will be 2 or 3 months before it will be known if enough circulation has been established in his hoof and leg for him to survive. Horses, especially Thoroughbreds, are so very fragile.
Re: Barbaro by sighthound on 22 May 2006 5:28am
Here's a link to a great pic of him being lowered onto the raft. I didn't realize that the raft has "legs" to keep him dry - a truly wonderful bit of technology there.

He's still only got a 50/50 chance but the surgeon was all smiles at the press conference.
Re: Barbaro by peripatetically on 22 May 2006 3:29pm
Me. Geraldine. I'll cry with you over this. I was crushed and so upset when that accident happened. I said a prayer last night for Barbaro's recovery, at least for his life. It's only a 50-50 chance he'll live. I just ached when I saw him holding up his leg. Horses are as warm and wonderful as any pet you get attached to. They have feelings and sensitivity, know their owners. Not just a gnat or rodent .This accident touched me deeply.

(I love life dearly and feel a lot towards the animal kingdom, so don't get the impression that horses' lives mean more to me than other creatrues' lives. That's not what I meant, really. Hope you uinderstand. I couldn't explain it too well, I know. it[s just that you can see the emotions in their eyes and they udnerstand what you want them to do and they will react to you. There's a special bond between some animls moreso than others.

It still upsets me and I sadly have a bad feeling of the outcome. But we shall see... Barbaro was definitely special.

Re: Barbaro by arty_farty on 22 May 2006 4:37pm
a guy in my RS class said something like that once. i think his exact words were "i know animals can talk to each other. when we were on D OF E we had to go thru a feild of cows. they all looked at eachother and started chasing this one guy. 'lets go chase the fatty'"
Re: Barbaro by sighthound on 22 May 2006 10:51pm
I understand what you mean, Patty. There is just something so emotional about horses.

I had TVG (the horse-racing channel but which is 99% about gambling and not really about horses) on all day yesterday and all these macho sportscasters (most of whom have probably never had their hands on an actual horse) were all close to tears all day long.
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