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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Harassment at the mall :: : IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT by bandgeek512 on 30 May 2006 11:44pm
Today wasnt anything unusual. I was going to Gwinnett Place Mall (a shopping mall close to my house) to get some perfume and stuff. I normally park far away from the entrance just so I can have a bit to walk. Every little bit helps, I always say. Though, today I wish I had parked near the front--I even wish I hadn't come to the mall at all.

I was getting out of my car, doing the normal car check before I leave. I checked all the locks (we donít have power doors) and made sure I didnít lock my keys in the car. Thatís when he pulled up next to me. I had my Ipod on, so I didnít notice anyone had pulled up beside me. I probably wouldnít have heard that anyone was next to me if he hadnít called out for me.

He was saying something, but I couldnít hear what it was. My music was too loud.

"Huh?" I foolishly respond.

I should have just gotten back into the car instead of inquiring what the guy was saying. He was asking me to get into his car. At first, I assumed he couldn't possibly be asking me to do such a thing. But, when he asked me again, more forcefully this time, I panicked inside. I didnít show that I was scared, though. Iím glad I didnít because he might have taken advantage of that.

He again asked me to get in. His car was stopped at an angle, and after I refused to get in, he started to move the car closer to me. He shouted something again. Though, this time, he wasn't just asking me to get into the car: he was demanding it. That was when I just decided to walk towards the mall, desperately hoping that there were people around to see what this guy was doing.

"Where you headin?!" he yelled out.

I didnít answer. I just walked as fast as I could go. I donít know if he followed me for a while or not. I didnít dare look behind me. All I wanted was to be inside, away from whoever that guy was.

I went to mall security shortly after. I had called my parents, who told me to go straight to the security center. I described the man and the car to them and they escorted me back to my car. They told me that if heís still on the property, they'll find him.

I donít know what would have happened had he sneaked up on me while I was unaware. I would never have known he was there. I can tell you, my Ipod will not be accompanying me out of the car anymore. I canít hear anything around me when I'm listening to music.

I guess Gwinnett Place gets a lot of these situations: I could just tell by how they reacted.

I got out safely, thank God. Whatever made him not come out and get me, I don't know. There wasn't anyone in the area that would have seen whatever it was he wanted to do. I just thank God for my safety.

I just feel soÖgross. Iím a little paranoid at the moment. Every time I see a beige car pull up next to me, I get a little freaked. (He was driving a beige car)ÖI just wish I hadnít gone to the mall.

Re: Harassment at the mall by sighthound on 31 May 2006 12:32am
Thank god, you're safe!!!! What a horrible experience but you did well, really, really well!!!

It is really disgusting that we need to forego listening to our Ipods when we are out in public but we always need to keep our wits about us. Which you did wonderfully, bandgeek! I'm very proud of you.

Re: Harassment at the mall by Marcelle_Rio_de_Janeiro on 31 May 2006 12:34am
Hi, Layne.

I'm glad you're fine! It was such a dangerous situation, you were lucky.
These cd players, mp3 players, Ipods, are great, but the streets are becoming more and more dangerous and we (specially women) have to be very aware of everything that's going on around us. But as you said, thank's God, everything is fine, so try to move on!
Big hug for u, wishing u the best!
Re: Harassment at the mall by Where are you now? on 31 May 2006 12:38am
Take care Layne - and make sure you stay safe
Re: Harassment at the mall by pandab on 31 May 2006 1:18am
"I'm a little paranoid at the moment."

I bet you are, Layne! And naturally so, too! I'm so glad you are all right.

Re: Harassment at the mall by bandgeek512 on 31 May 2006 3:32am
Thanks, guys. I appreciate the concern. Not sure if I'll be going out alone any time soon.
Re: Harassment at the mall by tucsonmike on 31 May 2006 3:35am
Layne, I am glad you had your wits about you and are safe. The scary part about life is it CAN be that unpredictable. The knight in tarnished armor (me) is outraged and...
Re: Harassment at the mall by sighthound on 31 May 2006 3:49am
Please don't let that ass***e get you to restrict your life! You have shown that you are extremely capable. Be aware and always, always take precautions but please don't stop doing what you want to do!

I've been through this a lot in all my many years of traveling alone and have always survived by my wits and I am sure that your wits are as capable as mine. E-mail me privately if you want to compare notes: [email protected]
Re: Harassment at the mall by bandgeek512 on 31 May 2006 5:18am
Yeah, I know what you mean about restricting my life. I'm just scared to use my Ipod when shopping or not with someone I know in public. My mom doesn't really want me using it out either.

I'll be sure to email you!

Aw, thanks for the protection, Mike! :-) It's nice to know I'm cared for here.
Re: Harassment at the mall by canaveralgumby on 31 May 2006 5:33am
Oy oy oy. "I'm glad you're all right" is an understatement. sighthound's right, after a period of adjustment, you've got to get back to normal. Don't let the bastards get you down.

We love you!
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