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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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BOOKS by Helen on 12 March 2003 2:45pm
I am starting this thread since I noticed an abundance of "bookies" on this site...
so, review a book here....share with your fellow Palinites...and down with 'reality tv"! oh jeez, don't get me started...
I will add my reviews soon, but right now I have to go to my day gig... so talk with y'all later!
Pages, Paychecks and Cat Food,
Re: BOOKS by Helen on 12 March 2003 2:46pm
Hemingway's Chair---
More later....
Okay, I'm going to work now....
Re: BOOKS by sleepydumpling on 13 March 2003 3:32am
Good idea Helen - but I don't know which of his books to review - I've thoroughly enjoyed them all!

Ok, I will leap in with the book I have just finished, "Life of Michael" by Jeremy Novick.

I found it very enjoyable to read - simply laid out with fantastic photos, and good interviews with Michael and various people from throughout his life.

I was a little put off by the first chapter which went on and on about how "nice" Michael is! We know he's nice, but in reality, he's PROFESSIONAL. Like everyone else, he throws a wobbler when things get tough, but he doesn't do it in an offensive way or around anyone he shouldn't!

Overall it's a very good biography though, and as I said has some fabulous photographs.

I highly recommend it!

Re: BOOKS by Diamond on 13 March 2003 10:27am
is it only MP books we review or other books such as, Mr Worm who likes books - really called david, enjoys - and what about Thomas Hardy ruthy?! especially if it is a bath time read - they are so relaxing!!!! -
Re: BOOKS by Helen on 13 March 2003 2:58pm
ALL books, any books... but I thought starting with MP's work was a nice touch.. :)
I just ordered Full Circle and 80 Days in book form off Amazon... I'm going into withdrawal as I have nothing new to read at this moment. I will resort to reading the back of the breakfast cereal box or the Lysol can.
Kath-- i am actuallly in awe of MP's patience. I would have "lost it" in similar situations. In Africa, the trucks kept getting stuck in the mud (in P2P). He seemed to be so together and laid back--- even though this ordeal went on for hours, (days?) AND he wasn't feeling so hot.
I would have said 'screw this. get me a bath and a cup of tea. And a clean bed with a mattress so I can sleep for the next 3 days.'
Did I digress? Oh, this is a thread about BOOKS. oops.
Well, I will be purchasing the p2p book soon.
Re: BOOKS by Diamond on 13 March 2003 5:03pm
hopefully this thread will inspire us all to read the books others have enjoyed, and if the books are travel related or not then dont worrry - we ahve discussed star signs music tastes of fellow palinites so why not cover the books as well

go for it Helen
Re: BOOKS by jennywood on 13 March 2003 5:12pm
well I adore mps around the world....I have read it a few times! at the mo I am reading the original fiction BY Jules verne which is extra interesting to follow the journey as Mp did, but is also a great little read.
Re: BOOKS by Helen on 13 March 2003 5:37pm
Thanks, Lyn... :)
Jennywood--- I can't wait to get my grimy paws on Around the World. Should be on my doorstep today.
Call me nuts, but I love Moby Dick. I think Melville is an artist. And Nabokov. I haven't delved into Verne, I know I should...
One of my all time faves is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell...I'm just a marshmallow for a horse story.
And I am completely infatuated with Garrison Keillor's writing....

I could go on, and I probably will at some point.
Re: BOOKS by nottlob on 14 March 2003 3:55am
"Sahara" by Michael Palin
Great details about greatly unknown and foriegn areas. The book makes you rethink your stereotypic views about the boring sand lands and takes you into different cultures and traditions. Whatever you had thought about the Sahara is changed after reading "Sahara" by Michael Palin. It was quiet funny when Michael goes through all that land with sand and then all of a sudden ends in an area with tropical trees and beautiful fountains of clean and cool water. A very nice read, get it in your local bookstore today! Lol.

"Full Circle"
This is my favorite of all travel programs. I loved the great variety of different cultures and traditions all along the Pacific Rim. I've never read about so many different countries in one book and I definately love the added humor of it's great moments. You must watch it too!

"Pole to Pole"
I didn't like this book as much as "Full Circle" but it was also an interesting read. It didn't have a wide range of different cultures as "Full Circle" did, so I didn't find it quiet as exciting and new, but I didn't fnd it boring either. I did like the fact that they had traveled to Antarctica, I've always wondered what it was like there, apparently it's all snow and scientists, lol. And who could forget Michael breaking his ribs while water rafting?

"80 Days Around the World"
A great fun book, it made me read the one by Jules Verne after. Who knew he actually had done it? I loved it when Michael would met new people, and when he's almost home, you could see how pooped out he was. A very disturbing memory was the snake gutting in Hong Kong, but only if you watch the series.

"Hemingway Adventure"
This book was different from all others because of the obvious point but I enjoyed it because I knew nothing about Hemingway and it got me interested in him. I liked how Michael had followed his life and it was also like a travel program because somestimes Michael went to the little places that nobody goes to as a tourist attraction and discovers more about the little towns and cities. It was very much enjoyable and I finished it the day I borrowed it from the library.
Re: BOOKS by nottlob on 14 March 2003 3:59am
"Shopgirl" by Steve Martin
This book is a romantic/little comedic novella where an older man dates a younger woman. Mirabelle is a woman in her late 20's and she works behind the gloves counter and works as an artist in her spare time. She meets a man named Ray during work and they develop their relationship, and etc. Can't tell you what else happens :)

"A Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemingway
This must be my favorite Hemingway novel. The beginning isn't bad but it gets more interesting when the guy meets the gal. They start seeing more of each other and a war is involved. I absolutely hated the ending, I knew it was going to end the way it did but I hated it. I didn't want it to happen but I absolutely love the book, must read it again in Spring Break!

"The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde
A very funny screenplay, I first read this after seeing the movie, and I plan reading it again over Spring Break. I loved how witty and humorous it was, but I do get a bit ...not bored but less entertained after knowing how everything works out while reading it over and over again, I still love the play though! I'd love to see the play someday. The ending is absolutely superb and I love how the story was developed and ended. I also recommend the movie!
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