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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Mr Nice Guy? by Nyagtha on 12 March 2003 2:57pm
I feel sorry for Mr. Palin. I was reading a review of one of his biographies and was reminded by a posting under 'Pythons', that Michael is always seen as angelic and really nice. This is obviously not a bad thing in itself, but lots of people seem to agree that it annoys him. I think, maybe just to make him feel better, we ought to try and think of any examples where he does display a 'darker' side.
You don't have to agree, but I am not being serious here.
Wait! I can think of an example off the top of my head straight away, in 80 Days, he almost gets annoyed; just before getting on the dhow, that a bag of rice costs almost £15 and it doesn't quite look like he is going to get any change. Or, in the same video, when they arrive in Jeddah and are told that the boat is delayed, he almost growls in anger.
Having said that, he really doesn't seem to be in any way bad, he is never prejudiced against any of the people he meets and even in the most difficult circumstances he manages to stand in front of the camera and entertain.
But...I am sure there are some examples of this darker Michael...aren't there? Yes, I am certain there must be.
Re: Mr Nice Guy? by Louise on 12 March 2003 3:02pm
David, can`t believe you were able to use the "n" word without it being censored ;-)
Re: Mr Nice Guy? by risible-phyll on 12 March 2003 4:44pm
lol louise !!!!!

Phyll x
Re: Mr Nice Guy? by sleepydumpling on 13 March 2003 3:47am
What about the bit in 80 Days when he gets back to London and tries to buy a paper, and the cranky old bloke chucks a wobbler at him for trying to film?

He says something like "Oh it's so nice to be back home in London where everyone is so friendly" in a very sarcastic voice!

Of course, his ire is quite justifiable, but it's interesting to see him lose his cool a bit!

Re: Mr Nice Guy? by Diamond on 13 March 2003 10:10am
I dont think that we could ever realise that this is a serious intention to tell us it is really michael as the user name is wrong we know it isnt him - there is no hyphen in michaelpalin - treat this with the humour it was intended?
Re: Mr Nice Guy? by Nyagtha on 13 March 2003 10:33am
I actually find the ending of 80 days quite profound; he travels all over the world, meets so many people from so many different races and religions and finds nothing but hospitality (and the occassional misunderstanding) then returns home to glorious England and finds nothing but a lack of cooperation and rude behaviour. I'd forgotten the bit with the newspaper man though, thanks.
Re: Mr Nice Guy? by sleepydumpling on 13 March 2003 12:37pm
I knew it!! I just knew he was an old crank!!


Only kidding! He's not old!

Heh heh!
Re: Mr Nice Guy? by nottlob on 14 March 2003 4:29am
When Michael in "Full Circle" traveled the Amazon River with the man from the pub and was in a tent or something one time, I think they got a little itty bitty drunk and Michael talked about the usage of the word "Jaguar" in the amazon, being a bankrupt car company and bought by FORD. A little drunk there I think...lol

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