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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Question about French people by CÚcile43 on 23 June 2006 10:55am

As you konw, I'm French...and I would how do you see french people...
What do you think about us? and why?
It's just curiosity...


Bonne journée à tous!

Re: Question about French people by the fugitive on 23 June 2006 12:29pm
Cecile, I have been to France, and found the French people rather like any other proud nation - friendly, generous, and helpful especially where I was staying - Montmorillon. Vive la France ma cherie!!
Re: Question about French people by perfectbitch on 23 June 2006 7:24pm
I have only had one problem with a french person but, in the main, I have had good times in France - especially in Brittany.

Re: Question about French people by tucsonmike on 24 June 2006 1:55am
Je visite France. Le grand place pour moi est Provence.
Re: Question about French people by pandab on 24 June 2006 2:52am
I vacationed in France two years ago and loved it ... except for the wretched cold I caught. For the cold, however, I cannot blame the French. :)

Before I left, I had been warned that the French did not like Americans and would be adverse to speaking English with Americans, just on general principle. I don't know which France my informants visited, but in the France I went to, I encountered no such issue. Quite the reverse.

I am not linguistically talented, so while I studied before going, my French was (and still is) atrocious. The people I dealt with, though, were all very kind and patient. The folks who knew English not only spoke to me in English but helped me get some of my more glaring French mispronounciations straight ... or at least straighter than they were. Speaking French with an American country accent DOES sound rather strange.

As far as being American went, the only comment on my nationality came from a street vendor who called me a American capitalist pig. I ticked him off because I smiled and shook my head when he tried to sell me a lighter, so I made allowances. :)

On the whole, I thought the French were right nice folks. Especially the ones who helped me get un-lost in Paris!

Re: Question about French people by jaynesmith25 on 26 June 2006 1:36am
Salut Cécile!

J'essayerai répondre en francais, mais il est difficile avec un ordinateur qui n'utilise pas les caracteres particulierement francais. Donc j'espere que vous en peux comprendre.

Je suis une vraie francophile, et j'ai visité la France plusieurs fois. A mon avis, il est impossible de dire qu'il y a seulement une personalité francaise. En Normandie, j'ai trouvé les gens sympa, mais plus réservé (si c'est le mot juste en francais!). Ils sont plus comme les anglais que les espagnoles ou les italiens.

En plus, les gens autour de Strasbourg sont plutot comme les allemands, et les francais de la compagne dans le sud de la France sont uniquement aimable (mais un peu difficle a comprendre pour un étranger!).

Les seuls gens qui défie éxplication sont les Parisiens. J'ai visité Paris depuis vingt ans, et je n'ai jamais compris les Parisiens. Peut-etre quelqu'un peut les éxpliquer pour moi?

Merci et a bientot!
Re: Question about French people by Marcelle_Rio_de_Janeiro on 26 June 2006 2:12am
I've never met any french person, only by the internet, it's been always nice. A friend of mine is dating seriously with a french man, and she has never been happier.
Re: Question about French people by CÚcile43 on 26 June 2006 8:36am

Ton français est bon! Je te rassure, je n'ai jamais trop apprecié les Parisiens... et je crois que c'est le cas de beaucoup de personnes en France! ils sont peut être un peu trop snob!

Re: Question about French people by peripatetically on 26 June 2006 1:55pm
WOW! I think I got the gist of most of the French written here! I'm proud of myself, if I do say so myself! It's been a long time and maybe I'm better than I thought! (NOT!!) hahahaha.

But I agree, that the Parisians seem snobby and the countrymen are very nice! I, at first, didn't want to say that when the question was asked for fear of hurting Cecile's feelings.

Re: Question about French people by intrepid on 26 June 2006 3:07pm
I haven't had enough recent experience in France to make any type of judgement (hanging around in an airport isn't a good way to gauge the national character), but when my folks were in Provence for 2 weeks a few years ago, they were overwhelmed by the locals' hospitality.
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