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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Israel-Lebanon by Ellerd on 17 July 2006 10:40am
I don't quite understand how destroying the Lebanese infrastructure is a deterrent to Hezbollah. Anyone care to explain?
Re: Israel-Lebanon by Blairhoyle on 17 July 2006 1:08pm
my personal view is that Israel are hemmed in with people who want them destroyed.

the war with Syria back in the 60s (Goloan Heights) saw Israel take part of Syria's land which to this day they still occupy. Syria are a big supporter of Hezbollah.

that nutter of a Iran has stated that he wishes to see Israel destroyed so they will be happy to send funding.

if a war starts on Israeli soil it is in their defence policy to transfer the war as quickly as possible to enemy terrirtory they will live or die by that policy.

the attacks are a direct result of the attack on Israeli military installations a few weeks ago.

Iran are getting exactly what they want.

Israel dont f**k about the only people who can stop it is the Americans - but i dont see them doing anything for a few weeks.
Re: Israel-Lebanon by Helen on 17 July 2006 2:00pm
enough war. it's useless.

That's my two cents without getting into a debate.

And Bush is a moron.

OOPS! how did that slip out? Okay, that's my three cents.
Re: Israel-Lebanon by perfectbitch on 17 July 2006 5:52pm
The countries surrounding Israel have never accepted the creation of Israel after the last world war. And who can blame them. Imagine if another country was created for, say Rawandan people on the US/Canadian border or the Sudan people were given Wales as their own. I know there is the argument that the Jewish people have Jerusalem as their capital city and that they definitely occupied that area from before Christ's time but there is also the argument that the Jewish people originated in North Africa and migrated to the Middle East. I have heard many Islamic people who are not in any way fundamentalist or extreme state, quite matter of factly, that there will be no peace in the Middle East until Israel is destroyed because the fundamentalists are so determined to gain their territories back. It sems that the Israeli politicians ignore the fact that their existence as a country is dependent on other countries losing significant amounts of their own territories. My heart goes out to all the innocent, ordinary people, who bear no grudges and who are tragically caught up in this very macho sabre rattling - whichever "side" they live in.

Re: Israel-Lebanon by Ken Dunn on 17 July 2006 7:57pm
I think it is stupid in this day and age that innocent people get hurt due to the arrogance and idiocy of politicians or representatives who resort to terrorism or weaponry to try to solve their disputes or differences with other people.
Re: Israel-Lebanon by julwis on 17 July 2006 9:40pm
Its even more crazy when you think that once characters like Menachem Begin were considered terrorists. They were quite happy to kill even British troops to achieve their aims.
Re: Israel-Lebanon by George on 18 July 2006 12:04am
It's impossible to satisfy anyone with a definitive answer as to who, properly, owns the land Israel occupies. When it was created by Britain and America, it was seen as one of the least valuable pieces of land in the middle east, but it provided a homeland for the Nazi-ravaged Jewish people. This was noble gesture for sure. It was only after is was attacked by its neighbors that it grew in size. Iran is just the latest country to try and become the "biggest dog" in the middle east. The fact that now the N. Koreans are attempting to become a major player is laughable. I trust Israel has factored in every conceivable scenario in case of war, so I don't look for an all-out WW3 anytime soon.

But, when I think the Iranians and Syrians actually spend time pulling the strings of the various terrorist organizations, plotting the deaths of innocent people, it does get very sickening.
Re: Israel-Lebanon by tucsonmike on 18 July 2006 1:32am
Well I guess the Jewish guy gets to answer some of these.

By DNA, now it is thought, Jews originated in what is now Iraq. Our closest relatives by DNA are actually the Kurds.

Ancient Israel was destroyed by the Romans than of course resurrected in 1948. I understand Jews were lucky to get it. I don't see Native Americans or Aborigines getting back much of what they had.

Much of the Arab world sees Israel they way they saw the kingdom the Crusaders set up there in the 12th Century. All they have to do is wait.

I saved an Atlantic Monthly from last fall that gave an analysis of what would happen if you had complete Democratic Elections in the Arab World.

Syria-Would still be poor. Israel would always be their sworn enemy.
Saudi Arabia-The Saud Royal Family would be sent packing and Bin Laden or someone like him would rule. Possibility of Syria becoming part of Saudi Arabia to survive.
Lebanon-Becoming the Arab banking capital and playground again, (if it is allowed to).
Egypt-Outside chance IT would go Fundamentalist, then WATCH OUT!
Iran- Even a secular Iranian Government wants to be top dog in the Middle East.

Besides that, you have the Fundamentalists who are looking for "end times." What a mess.

Personally, I consider myself an American, but in some ways especially being on the site becoming more a citizen of the world, I want to knock their heads together and send them to their rooms without dinner.

Israel has the right to strike back to defend itself, but has to set goals for striking those who attack it.

The Palestinians like victimhood. I've already decided that. I just hope they don't murder Jordan's King Abdullah and Queen Rania.

Much of the present mess is because of Iraq. By invading, we pulled the cornerstone out of the arch.

Read the article in Wikipedia about Sharia. There are contradictory verses on how to treat Christians and Jews. In other words, it is up to whoever interprets it.

The Middle East has been violent for 8000 years, especially what is now Iraq. Don't see THAT changing ANYTIME soon...
Re: Israel-Lebanon by Wilcoy on 18 July 2006 2:17am
I haven't traveled to Lebanon yet but I have been thinking about going there before this terrible conflict. It's sad to see such a beautiful country like Lebanon destroyed by the the Israeli's. It maybe another decade before infrastructure is put back together and world tourists return. Such a sad story Lebanon has so much history and natural beauty.
Re: Israel-Lebanon by Ellerd on 18 July 2006 3:09am
Israel does have a right to defend itself against those who seek its destruction. Hezbollah is one of those groups. But hasn't Israel gone a little too far here? Isn't bombing Lebanon to get at a few Hezbollah militants akin to bombing, say, Arkansas to get a few KKK members?
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