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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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New Star Trek movie by Ellerd on 22 July 2006 2:54am
I know the rumours have been doing the rounds for ages, but there seems to be confirmation. From IMDB.com:

"Mission: Impossible III director JJ Abrams has confirmed he's set to save the Star Trek franchise after signing on to produce the next film in the sci-fi series. The 40-year-old Lost and Alias creator, who is a longtime fan of the cult TV show and subsequent movies, is considering directing the new Trek movie too. In an exclusive interview with America's TV Guide magazine, Abrams says, "It's sort of surreal but wonderful. I'm producing and may direct. I have every DVD of every Star Trek episode from every series. I haven't seen every episode from every series but I certainly know it well enough to be working on the movie." Abrams, who will team up with fellow Star Trek buff and Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof on the new project, initially fumed when his involvement in the new film was announced before he'd committed to it. He admits he took his time to sign up for the project: "There have been 10 films and all these different (TV) series, so it was a question of finding out what they (movie executives at Paramount) were anticipating." Abrams insists the cult following Lost has found will help him make decisions about where to take the secret storyline for the latest Star Trek film. He explains, "Fans of Lost don't compare to fans of Star Trek, but working on Lost gives us a view into how important it is to respect the fans." "

Re: New Star Trek movie by sighthound on 22 July 2006 8:31pm
New Star Trek TV episodes are being made, sanctioned by NBC, available online and financed by the proceeds from Elvis impersonations. Fun story on NPR. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5573621
Re: New Star Trek movie by canaveralgumby on 22 July 2006 9:22pm
Recently there was a RUMOR of a RUMOR of a RUMOR, maybe more like a JOKE, on Gary Sinise's website, that he might play Dr. McCoy in a remake. Actually, that would work.
Re: New Star Trek movie by Helen on 22 July 2006 10:29pm
Sinise as McCoy would RULE.

My pick for Kirk would be the one and only Ed Harris.

would that kick ass or what?
Re: New Star Trek movie by George on 22 July 2006 10:39pm
As a first generation Trekkie, I would welcome any honest attempt to continue the voyages of the Enterprise. All the movies and series to date have been pretty fair, at least. The Next Generation and the Wrath of Khan are classics. If they want to bring back the Borg with an interesting story and a first class production, they will certainly get my money.
Re: New Star Trek movie by George on 22 July 2006 10:45pm
Ed Harris would definately be a good Kirk. Would you want an established actor playing him? Frankly, I thought having Patrick Stewart as the next captain was a stroke of genius. He was already a successful and accomplished actor in Britain, but almost totally unknown in America.
Re: New Star Trek movie by canaveralgumby on 22 July 2006 10:58pm
Okay, let's do this! Cori's cast:

McCoy = Gary Sinise

Nurse Chapel = Uma Thurman (she has that glow that they used to achieve with the soft lens)

Scotty = Craig Furguson

Sulu = Jason Scott Lee (he played Bruce Lee in the biopic, yes, I know, wrong nationality, but I can see JSL "swashbuckling" like George Takei)

Yeoman Rand = Reese Witherspoon

the green alien belly dancer woman= Catherine Zeta-Jones

Chekov = Chekov's tricky. I read in one of my gadzillion ST magazines that Roddenberry wanted one character to appeal to the teen set, one young "cute" one, and one reason Walter Koenig was cast was because he looked like Davy Jones. In keeping with that spirit...
Orlando Bloom

Uhura = Angela Bassett - she has my favorite biceps in the whole world! They could design a sleeveless Star Fleet uniform just for her.

Spock = Kevin Spacey - Who ELSE would I cast? He'd do a good droll, sarcastic Spock! OR Johnny Depp would take the role and run with it!

and finally.......
Kirk = Russell Crowe

How could we fit Michael Palin into this? He could be some Star Fleet Admiral whom they meet up with to get their orders. BETTER YET! He could be a spy. He could be the bad guy all along, but he's so nice and sweet and trustworthy that no one ever suspects it!
Re: New Star Trek movie by George on 22 July 2006 11:04pm
I see Michael Palin in the new position as "Culture Officer". He would accompany the away team to any new planet. He would explain to the aliens that we come in peace and then sample all of their food and beverages.
Re: New Star Trek movie by canaveralgumby on 22 July 2006 11:07pm
That's right! He'd prepare video presentations for Star Fleet personel so they could see what newly discovered places are like. Then everyone will contact the Star Fleet travel agency, wanting to go. :^)
Re: New Star Trek movie by sighthound on 22 July 2006 11:39pm
Craig Ferguson as Scotty is brillaint, Cori! I wanna see it!!! You have the instincts of a true casting agent.

BTW, Walter Koenic and Nichelle Nichols have both appeared in the internet ST episodes I referenced above.

Get me drunk sometime and I'll tell you the long story of a failed animation series I worked on that was story-edited by D.C. Fontana who took a lot of what we'd done and used it on her next assignment - ST TNG. Recycling at its best.
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