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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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PETA - some concerns? by Louise on 22 July 2006 8:20am
I think someone here said that this animal charity wasn`t really all that good and offered more info. Apologies, I can`t remember who it was! Enlightenment please, ta.
Re: PETA - some concerns? by Helen on 22 July 2006 2:58pm
that would be our sighthound--Geraldine.

Re: PETA - some concerns? by sighthound on 22 July 2006 5:22pm
Well, I'll try to restrain myself and make my answer short. I could easily go on for pages....

I, like everybody else, used to think PETA did good work from seeing their extremely effective PR campaigns; then I volunteered to help them on a project and learned how truly fanatical the leaders are in private. They are actively working for a world where it would eventually be illegal to own pets or farm animals, eat meat, milk or eggs, use animals in any medical experiments no matter how benign and beneficial and so on. Two of their members are currently awaiting trial on dozens of felony counts for carrying out their "work".

Check out the link below for a list of verified quotes from Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of PETA, and other "animal rights" extremists:

For more specifics about the work PETA really does, see: http://petakillsanimals.com/

(and make sure you don't leave off the "s" in animals like I did once - that will take to to a PETA site.)
Re: PETA - some concerns? by canaveralgumby on 22 July 2006 9:39pm
I consider myself an "animal person." I am gaga over dogs, I go out in my yard and talk to the spiders, I almost never eat meat. ALMOST. Well, once a month...

I despise hunting unless the hunter really does use the animal for food. Few ever do. Also, I would like to see animal medical experimentation reduced to virtually zero. I'd like to see researchers have to make a serious case as to why it's necessary before they may procede.

But PETA are like terrorists for their cause. They put everyone else off to the cause. When they become involved with a legitimate protest, a lot of observers will say, "Oh, it's those insane PETA people again" and then it's difficult to get anyone to take things seriously.

My humble opinion.
Re: PETA - some concerns? by Helen on 22 July 2006 10:28pm
Cori just crawled into my brain again.

PETA is a tad over-zealous. They lose the message in their mayhem.

I remember seeing one PETA-head comment on some random blog somewhere that they don't believe inthe "pet/human" relationship, as it causes the animal to rely on another species for its survival. So what does she do with her cats and dogs? They wander wherever they want, scrounging for food and never getting vaccinations or vet care. She gives them their "freedom."

So she inflicts her effed up dogma on her domesticated pets--and they suffer for it.

this is helping animals how?
Re: PETA - some concerns? by sighthound on 22 July 2006 11:10pm
The best way to help animals is through your local rescue groups and Humane Societies and national breed rescue groups. They money you give them all goes directly into helping individual animals (and they almost always could use your help if you have some time to volunteer.)

And don't confuse the Humane Society of the United States with your local Humane Societies. HSUS is the richest animal organization in the world because they chose their name to confuse everyone into thinking that they were allied with your local Humane Societies who do so much good work. They aren't. HSUS operates no shelters at all and most of the many millions they collect in donations every year goes toward political lobbying to try to get "animal rights" legislation enacted, much of it NOT in the best interests of animals and the people who love them.

HSUS is now under investigation about how they used all the money they raised to "help" the four-legged victims of Hurricaine Katrina. Thank God, the legal system is finally catching up with the abuses of PETA and the HSUS!

P.S. Cori - I'm happy to hear that someone else besides me talks to spiders. Have you found any that try to reply? Most of mine have just wanted to get as far away from a human as they can.
Re: PETA - some concerns? by canaveralgumby on 22 July 2006 11:14pm
I did not know that! I'm certain I have donated to the HSUS before! Thank you for that info. I will send any contributions directly to the local from now on.
Re: PETA - some concerns? by sighthound on 22 July 2006 11:21pm

I've known lots of hunters. Out here in the West, hunting might be different from the hunting you know of in the more "civilized" East. I've known lots of families that really depend on getting a deer or two into their freezers to help them feed their families. They also give me the parts not edible for humans to feed my dogs. No ethical hunter I've ever known would EVER condone wasting the product of a hunt. And, since so many predators have been eliminated from our ecosystem, many deer die from starvation each winter. Hunters help to address that predator/prey imbalance.

At the same time, my blood boils when I hear about "canned" hunts. I cannot fathom why anyone would enjoy killing for the sake of killing.

Re: PETA - some concerns? by canaveralgumby on 22 July 2006 11:44pm
I do understand. I have a friend who is an avid hunter (here in Central Florida), mostly deer. But he actually does eat what he hunts (and hes tried to get me to, but I've politely declined), and he adheres to the "seasons" and weight restrictions and so forth.

But like you said, the apex predator animals need to be protected so that all the populations all the way down the food chain are kept in balance. No overpopulation = no famine.

I kind of object to hunting the apex predator animals. I don't know how many people actually make use of the meat or fur of the wolves or bears they kill... ALTHOUGH, honestly, 'round these here parts, they do eat and wear pretty much all of the alligator! Not ME, I can tell you!

I watched an "outdoors" show wherein they "hunted" bear by going deep into bear habitat, putting out a garbage can full of discarded food (something that's never present in the habitat), and waiting in the night, with infrared night vision glasses, until an adolescent bear came to investigate it. Then they shot the bear with a crossbow, so it took all night for this animal to die, screaming and wailing in pain. The hunters tracked down and retrieved its body the next day. The hunter who happened to get this animal was 12 years old. They posed the kid and his game and took a picture which they called a "hero" shot. S**t like THAT is just not sporting and not justifiable to me.

I dunno...
Re: PETA - some concerns? by sighthound on 23 July 2006 1:02am
That bear hunt story is totally disgusting, Cori. I HATE hearing stories like that. What are these people thinking of??!!! These are not the hunters I know.

I'm hesitant to admit this on the internet but I do hunt with my salukis. We always go to areas where farmers want to get rid of the rabbits that are devastating their crops. The farmers normally use poison or shotguns which leads to an extremely slow, agonizing death for the rabbits. Death by hound is much more merciful - instant, in fact. Usually the places we go to have no local coyotes (the only available predators left in CA) so the area has become over-populated by rabbits.

I would love to say that my hounds always eat the rabbits they catch but, in these extremely over-populated areas, the rabbits they catch (the easiest ones to catch, obviously) are usually hugely infested with parasites so I won't let the dogs eat them. Such a waste. But an excellent illustration of the problems that arise in areas without natural predators.

Two of the grandparents of the pups now sitting at my feet provided food for their human and canine families in Kurdistan. It was their time-honored job - for 6,000 years, in fact.

In June, we defeated a bill in CA, spearheaded by the HSUS, that would have mandated that I go to jail for 6 months if any of my hounds even chased a rabbit (that the farmer was going to kill anyway by much less merciful means.) Considering HSUS's great resources, we didn't think we had a chance when we started out to oppose this bill but we won. I'm sure we'll have to fight this fight all over again in the next legislative session but this victory has seemed to energize the people who are totally in favor of everything that promotes animal welfare but who know that when "animal rights" is mentioned, the fanatics are about.

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