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  The Chatter Box : Welcome and Introductions
ROUTE 66 / U.S. 40 by bcook on 3 August 2006 2:52pm
I'm hoping those that are interested will add their thoughts to this thread/petition that Mr. Palin at least consider coming to "the colonies" and do a documentary on Route 66 or the Old National Road (U.S. 40). Hey! Mr. Galahad, er, um, Palin. Route 66 starts in Chicago - the only place in the world to get real pizza (no spam, though).
Brad Cook
Bloomington, Indiana.
Re: ROUTE 66 / U.S. 40 by tucsonmike on 3 August 2006 9:38pm
LOL! Wait a minute! I like Chicago Pizza, however, I grew up in New York City, and New York has the tastiest pizza!:-)

The only problem with such a trip for Mr. Palin is Route 66 has been done repeatedly by many different people. I thought Mr. Palin and trains around North America would be interesting, as he is a rail fan. Since Chicago is the main rail hub, he can use that as his base. He would of course have to sit in the Bleachers @ Wrigley Field and suffer with the Cub faithful.

Re: ROUTE 66 / U.S. 40 by sighthound on 4 August 2006 1:39am
There was a very nice doc on PBS last night about a woman and her 80 year old mother going east along the length of 66.

It's hard to find 66 anymore. In most places it has become a frontage road to I-40, if it's left at all.

I have many fine memories of travelling along 66 when I was a child.
Re: ROUTE 66 / U.S. 40 by George on 5 August 2006 7:49am
I won't get into the pizza debate, since I love both.

There was a popular TV show in the early '60's called Route 66, about the adventures of 2 guys driving around in a Corvette. The show was hardly great drama, but it turned the Chevy sports car into a cultural icon.

There have been so many shows about the highway through the years, I wonder if there's much left. It was officially decomissioned as US Highway in 1985.
Re: ROUTE 66 / U.S. 40 by sighthound on 5 August 2006 4:49pm
I LOVED that show. Had an enormous crush on George Maharis. (One of the first of crushes I had on males that turned out to be gay. sigh.)

Aside from hormones, I loved the show because it covered so many places I'd travelled through. I haven't seen the show turn up on the retro cable channels. Would like to see it again from an adult perspective.
Re: ROUTE 66 / U.S. 40 by George on 5 August 2006 8:59pm
I don't remember where, but I did see a few episodes on cable. The dialogue was very trite and predictable. It was obvious they were making the shows as fast as possible. But, it was interesting to see what was then considered very "cutting edge" in the popular culture.

Martin Milner as Tod, wore shirts with buttoned down collars and a sweater while riding around in his Corvette was the absolute essence of "cool". At the time, he was as big as James Dean. I remember him mostly as a policeman in Adam 12.

Poor George Maharis. Yes, he was arrested for what was called a "controversial men's room incedent" by the papers at the time. I can't remember the exact chain of events, but he left the series before it finshed its run. His character was replaced by Glenn Corbett, who finished out the show in 1964.
Re: ROUTE 66 / U.S. 40 by peripatetically on 9 August 2006 1:01am
Yeah, I remember the show too. I preferred Glenn Corbett to geo maharis though.

And speaking of Rt. #40, my street address is directly off that route here in Maryland. I live about 1/2 mile up the road that intersects it. Maybe Michael would stop by for a bite to eat! HAHAHAHAHA.
Re: ROUTE 66 / U.S. 40 by sighthound on 9 August 2006 3:47am
White bread Glenn Corbett over the smouldering Greekness of George Maharis???!!!! Maybe you just had better gay detection than I had at that age. <G>

But, thinking it over, maybe that might be why gay men became such good friends in my later years....
Re: ROUTE 66 / U.S. 40 by peripatetically on 15 August 2006 1:39pm
I wasn't a big fan of either one of them, gerladine, but I did like Glenn a little better than Georgie-Boy. lol

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