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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
E-mail censorship by China by sighthound on 4 August 2006 10:41am
I am being inundated with e-mails protesting the killing of thousands of dogs in China in an anti-rabies frenzy(maybe 50,000+ dead if the e-mails are to be believed, often clubbed to death in front of their owners who were taking them out for walks - s**t, I have no idea if any of this is really true.)

Rabies vaccine for dogs seems to be not readily available in China. I have many e-mail buddies who will fork over big bucks to send rabies vaccine to Chinese dogs if that will keep the powers-that-be from killing them if we can find way to implement an effective vaccination campaign.

I have a good friend, dog-lover, recently married to a Chinese woman, living in a village just south of Shanghai where he is the only Anglo. I've just recently re-established e-mail contact with him. I don't know through what venue he is contacting me but, since I've heard that Chinese authorities keep a very close rein on all e-mail correspondence, does anyone know if and how my e-mails to him will be monitored? Would love to get him involved in a rabies vaccination effort if it would save pups where he lives but don't want to get his local authorities riled up about him. Will proceed with caution but would welcome any input about e-mail censorship in China.


Re: E-mail censorship by China by pedro64 on 4 August 2006 11:26pm
Dont know about rabid dogs but sadly during my working in china and mongolia most dogs were tethered to await their demise in the cooking pot.One saw very few dogs roaming loose.But I guess time change.The only pet dogs I saw in Beijing belonged to children of Embassy staff etc.These would generate lots of interest by locals but alas this interest was not in the well being of the dogs.Also the giant pandas in the zoo contracted T.B. thro children spitting at them.But as I said earlier times do change.
Re: E-mail censorship by China by pedro64 on 4 August 2006 11:37pm
Emails indeed are closely monitored as only today I saw on the BBC News one guy arrested for reporting corruption in Shanghai by using EMail on his lap top.He is presently been held in prison (without charge)His brother who is outside China is pleading his case.
Re: E-mail censorship by China by tucsonmike on 5 August 2006 3:40am
As someone who has studied China, I can tell you the Chinese are very strict. A Toastmasters contact in Shanghai cannot access my China blog for example.

I would be careful about what I sent to someone in China.
Re: E-mail censorship by China by Godfather on 6 August 2006 1:35am
I'm not sure that "individual" emails are scanned. Perhaps for certain "keywords" in them. But China doesn't sit there and read every email that goes out or comes in. It's simply not possible. China just has the "Great Firewall" (as it has been termed by outsiders) and also picks and chooses what it allows to be on their servers. Anyone who knows how to use a proxy, can get around this though within China (a risky game though). China also scans and blocks certain keywords like "Tibet" and "Independence" for example. Free hosts like Blogger.com and Geocities have a hard time in China, due to the ease of using them to put up political dissent in a matter of minutes. I know for a fact that BBC.co.uk and Geocities are blocked. But I can't be certain about Blogger.com. I wasn't using Blogger on both my trips over the years. In cyber cafes, things do tend to be monitored more closely by staff (although, most chinese are in there in their droves playing computer games for hours on end in stead of using the net). On a later trip I was using the net in a friend's house there. So it was less of a problem. But all I'd warn against is getting political (about China) in your emails to your friend. Certainly don't make any mention of Tibet "not" being part of China now, or criticizing it's human rights. That would be asking for the arrest of your friend. They take that kind of thing very seriously.

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