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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Great Disappointment by Robron on 10 August 2006 4:00pm
I stumbled across this website in an attempt to ascertain whether DVDs of Michael Palin’s travel series were available in Canada. I have all of his travel books and have seen all of the television versions, but cannot find the first three series on DVD.

I was quite excited when I discovered this site, in large part because I thought that I would find like-minded people in its chat rooms. I thought that I would find people, who like me, appreciate Michael Palin’s wit and his curiosity with, and respect for, different cultures. Sadly, the “Blathering On” section of “The Chatter Box” has shown the complete opposite.

There are numerous messages posted that are clearly intended to be an email message. Why is Joe posting a message to Lizzy, which states that he will be arriving in London tomorrow and that he will call her when he arrives? Why is that posted on this site? That is a private correspondence.

If I am correct, our mutual friend, King Mikey, made his first post the day before I arrived on the scene. My initial thought was that he is a pompous ass. So, it was with great pleasure that I noticed others posting messages with a similar opinion. Then the focus seemed to shift to a character named Morse. Unknown to me, Morse seems to have been unofficially barred from participating in the forum.

I do not know Morse, nor of the crimes for which he is accused. I have noticed, however, that there are cliques within the forum, who do their best to dictate the flow of conversation and the attention given—or lack thereof—to specific participants. This is sad, but perhaps sadder is the fact that said conversations are banal at best.

If tradition holds true, I will be vehemently attacked for this post, and if not asked to cease participating, will be ignored in the future. But don’t fret, my friends, you are not alone. Too many websites, on which we have the opportunity to converse with others, fall into this trap.

I was wrong in thinking that Palin’s Travels would be different. I thought that there would be intelligent conversation about issues of importance and silly, everyday anecdotes—as we have all come to appreciate in Mr. Palin’s books and programs. Instead there are threads that as of today are in the 60s with a wanna-be king attempting to build a webroyal family.

Cheers, from Montreal
Re: Great Disappointment by kazzzz on 10 August 2006 4:11pm
It never used to be like this Robron. Maybe we can turn things around.
Welcome :)
Re: Great Disappointment by Robron on 10 August 2006 4:51pm
Is it not amazing how quickly my point has been validated?
Re: Great Disappointment by pandab on 11 August 2006 1:25am
Robron - Ignore the trolls. Tempting as it is to respond to them, it just validates their pitiful existence. Some people just aren't happy unless they are trying to make others miserable, I guess.

They will slink off into their caves after a while.

Welcome! And I hope you stick around. It's always fun to chat with new folks here.

Re: Great Disappointment by Ellerd on 11 August 2006 2:13am
Don't let them get to you, Robron. Most of the people here are decent enough. And yes, they'll soon get sick of being ignored (hopefully we're all still ignoring the trolls!!) and we'll have the place to ourselves again.
Re: Great Disappointment by kazzzz on 11 August 2006 2:26am
Creme egg and hug for Ellerd :)
Re: Great Disappointment by bandgeek512 on 12 August 2006 7:33am
It used to be intelligent. Now we're plagued with trolls of two extremes: they hate everyone and make it clearly known and the others "like" everyone--especially themselves.

I haven't been around much just because I'm waiting for the trolls to burn out. When I first came here sometime last year, there were practically no trolls at all. I guess they came before and were dealt with. Now they've returned. Let's hope it's a "trend" that will die out again.

Though, other members aren't making it any easier--myself included.
Re: Great Disappointment by sighthound on 12 August 2006 2:38pm
No one can do anything to "dictate" the flow of conversation here. I don't see any evidence of any "cliques" here, except amongst the trolls. Anyone can post anything and, if the post elicits interest among people here, conversation will follow. Ergo, if people here are not interested in what is said, conversation will not follow. Well, if you are dissatisfied, then give us some good posts that will elicit keen responses and good conversation definitely will follow.

Emila (and I really still think that you are Morse since all your posts are only complaints about this site and never, ever offer up anything for intelligent discussion about topics that are of interest to people here and your syntax is totally consistent with his), well..., get a life.
Re: Great Disappointment by mp_addict19 on 7 February 2011 4:51am
This is interesting. Someone may have to fill me in because I haven't been on this site for Lord knows how long. Trolls? King Mikey? Just what in world is happening here??
Re: Great Disappointment by kazzzz on 7 February 2011 5:21am
Well you're reading a 5 year old thread, that's what's happening.

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