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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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UK on terror alert by perfectbitch on 10 August 2006 4:32pm
Apparently, the terrorist plan was to take liquid explosive in disguised containers onto flights from the UK to the USA and explode them in flight. Very few flights actually leaving UK airports and security checks causing delays of about 4 hours plus.

No hand luggage allowed save for essential items to be carried in transparent plastic bags. No liquid except for baby food which the security guards have to taste!!!! Only passports, tickets and prescribed medication allowed.

Let's hope the intelligence was accurate this time.

Re: UK on terror alert by Robron on 10 August 2006 5:18pm
Are you a Briton, Linz? Because your last sentence is interesting. Does it suggest that you have doubts about British security after recent botched attempts? Is this the prevailing view in Britain?

I never feel safe in an airplane, not because of terrorism, but because I have a feeling of helplessness if anything goes wrong. If I am driving a car and the brakes fail, at least I am in control of the steering wheel and I can make an attempt to slow down by gearing down or ditching the car--and hoping for the best.
Re: UK on terror alert by tucsonmike on 10 August 2006 7:17pm
Well at least it was foiled. It was all over the radio here this morning.
Re: UK on terror alert by perfectbitch on 10 August 2006 9:24pm
Yes Robron, I am a Brit and many people in this country have doubted the information coming from both our own and the US's intelligence services.

I am cynical enough to believe that this could have been staged to avert attention from the increasing digust with our involvment in the war. We were promised that it would be short but here we are. Already, we have British military personnel complaining that our troops in Iraq are lacking in vital supplies and that equipment is breaking down but no spares available.
Also, a senior member of the government resigned because of our involvement in the war. Blair is on holiday and Prescott is under attack from the back benchers to recall Parliament to discuss the recent events.

I share your views re flying and driving but i don't let it stop me flying when I have to.

Re: UK on terror alert by pandab on 11 August 2006 1:20am
Flying isn't my favorite thing in the world, though not because of possible terrorism. When I was a kid, I used to think that jetting off to somewhere else was about as glamorous as you could get. I know better now.

If I still harbored the stereotype of flying-equals-glamorous, my trip to Japan last year killed it for good. There is nothing glamorous about being stuck in a giant tin can with 300-odd people for 14 hours. :)

Lots of news coverage about the UK terror plot here in Roanoke, too. I just got a call from my local TV station. They are taking a survey to see if people are afraid of flying, will we change plans because of the news today and so on.

I'm leaving for Greece in a bit over a month, so I hope the airports get a grip on the situation before then. I don't relish the thought of spending hours in a security check line. I know that's selfish of me, but ... there it is.

Re: UK on terror alert by tucsonmike on 11 August 2006 1:45am
Anything can be dangerous. I risk a serious accident in Tucson long before a terrorist on a plane. Then again, isn't life itself a gamble?
Re: UK on terror alert by Ellerd on 11 August 2006 1:47am
Leading story here in Australia as well. Not surprisingly. Heard on CNN this morning that there have been five foiled terror attacks in Britain since July last year, but most haven't been brought to the public's attention. Maybe because this attempt is much bigger than the other four, or maybe it is as Linz suggests. Sadly, I wouldn't put it past some of our elected representatives...

*Sigh* I wish it were the 1990s again...
Re: UK on terror alert by George on 11 August 2006 6:43am
For the people who had their flights delayed, this was an awful day, no doubt about it.

This is beginning to sound like one of the arguments we had last about spring about living in a hurricane zone. What level of risk is each of us willing to take for the benefits of living on the coast? Or, in this case, it would be air travel. From what we all know, a bomb can be made literally anytime, anywhere, out of almost anything. Since the bombers are on a suicide mission, what possible punishment can be effectively held up to them? Execution?

Since the plot today was foiled, it seems the security systems we now have in place are working rather well. Too bad, the costs involved in rebuidling our airports is in the billions. I believe the airlines are busier than ever now.
Re: UK on terror alert by perfectbitch on 11 August 2006 9:49am
The news ths morning was full of packing advice for people going to fly. If you are on a flight to the US, you cannot take any liquids or toothpaste but you can on flights to other destinations. Does this mean that we will find the secret of the healthy white teeth of our american cousins because we will have to buy US toothpase? : ).

Re: UK on terror alert by andrea_nyc on 11 August 2006 1:49pm
Would that would be Crelm toothpaste? :)

This latest trans-atlantic emergency has me confused beyond belief, as I'm currently trying to pack in NY for school in London. I'm certain I can find shampoo in London, but my laptop is another story... You can take it onboard to the UK, but not from the UK??? Maybe I'll look into a boat.
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