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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Am I complete yet? by bandgeek512 on 12 August 2006 7:47am
Okay, so recently I've been plagued with questions such as:

"So, are you dating anyone?"

"Why are you single?"

"Don't you want to be with someone?"

And when I say that I just don't want to date right now, I get the following response: "What's wrong with you?"

I got so annoyed at the beginning of the summer about these questions. Having people assume that every teenage girl needs a boyfriend drives me crazy. I don't. I don't want one. I don't think I'd be able to handle one! I don't want to be married anytime soon.

I always get people telling me how weird it is that I'm not trying to get every male around me to date me. My friends are obsessed with having a guy always in their "possession". I have one friend who has expressed that she's never gone without a boyfriend for more than a month since she started dating.

I've never really been interested in having a boyfriend because, honestly, I wouldn't have time for him. I'm concerned with school and getting my life straightened out. Is that weird? Because apparently it is to everyone around me. (My parents love it, but face it, they're my parents...my dad would prefer I not date until I'm married...)

I wrote a letter to my future husband a while back. It settled my nerves and relaxed my mind. I had in my head that I needed a boyfriend to be complete, so I just wrote that letter. I recently put it in my weblog. I'm linking it at the bottom.

I guess this was just a venting session. Being home for summer having nothing to do makes you think...and thinking too much, for me, is baaaad.


The letter is second, I believe. It's titled "A letter to my love". You can ignore all the other ramblings. ;)
Re: Am I complete yet? by sighthound on 12 August 2006 11:26am
Don't worry about it, Layne. You'll get around to dating when there are males around worth dating. In my experience (and I don't think it's ever changed much over the years), most boys your age are not worth the trouble and older males who want to date girls your age are up to no good. It will get better, I promise you.
Re: Am I complete yet? by bandgeek512 on 12 August 2006 10:12pm
I agree. Guys my age just aren't worth it yet. The ones that are usually don't date yet either. (Speaking of one in particular, too).
Re: Am I complete yet? by fairygirl48 on 13 August 2006 5:16am
You aren't at all alone. I'm about to see my 19th birthday and I've still never dated. I've been surrounded by superficial males all my life who don't give you a second look if you aren't a size six and come from a wealthy family. I know what you mean, the one guy I would have wanted to date in high school was three years older and didn't want to because he was going off to college. Your ship will come in! :)

Re: Am I complete yet? by bandgeek512 on 13 August 2006 7:27am
Oh, don't even get me started on the whole "every girl must be small enough to blow away in a slight breeze" thing. I'm definitely not small in any way. I'd say I'm average--healthy. But, it seems so much bigger than all the other girls who are obsessed with being thin.

I guess that also ties in with my decision. I want my future husband to love me for who I am and what I look like--no matter what.
Re: Am I complete yet? by fairygirl48 on 13 August 2006 5:37pm
Agreed on both counts! :)
Re: Am I complete yet? by tucsonmike on 13 August 2006 7:40pm
OK here is the male point of view. You will know when it is the right person. Ignore those who are ignorant.
Re: Am I complete yet? by Lounge Trekker on 14 August 2006 6:50am
Another male point of view...just be yourself and do the best you can at as many different activities as you can handle (physically, intellectually, financially). You'll find most guys a bore to be with. When you meet a good person with whom you connect with, be yourself and you'll be OK.

Don't listen to any voice that says "You should be with somebody". Love being with yourself first.

Re: Am I complete yet? by bandgeek512 on 14 August 2006 7:15am
I'm 18.

Aw, Mike, how uplifting. The "fairy-tale dreamer" inside me really hopes that's true. I guess I'm not sure I'll know because, honestly, I know it isn't anyone right now. So, I guess I'm scared I just won't know. But, I try not to let that fear in too often. ;) (Haven't talked to you in a while, Mikey...Miss you much).

Pete, thanks so very much for that. I really appreciate that. I wouldn't be happy with anyone else if I weren't happy with myself.
Re: Am I complete yet? by kazzzz on 14 August 2006 7:19am
Nosey gits.....tell em to mind their own beeswax!
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