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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Amusing things on travels?? by jay on 18 March 2003 4:29pm
I was once in the Kyle of Lochalsh, sat in my car, waiting to go on the ferry to Skye (before they built the bridge). I could see the ferry chugging across the water towards us.. t'was a sunny day, about 10am, the birds were twittering.. Out of my open car window on my right stood a very smart man dressed in a suit, shirt and tie. Clean shaven and respectable looking he was... He was leaning back against the wall smiling pleasantly. He gently started to lean to his right, then a bit more, and still further. After a moment of pause, he collapsed to the hard harbour floor. He layed there, still smiling, as an empty whisky bottle rolled from his hand.
No one payed the least bit of attention as they passed by... And there he remained, slumped.
Any similar stories??
Re: Amusing things on travels?? by christoff on 24 March 2003 3:42pm
Heh heh, that's funny! I got peed on in the Namib Desert in Namibia, by a girl who wanted to share my sleeping bag. I heard trickling and realised that there were no streams etc for miles. Days even. And then I felt extreme warmth...

That was "amusing". Though not at the time! And she still doesn't know she did it to this day!
Re: Amusing things on travels?? by Kir on 13 September 2003 7:40pm
Scarcely visible dirt track roads in Iceland are not necessarily meant to be driven down. Watching my dad being attacked by a maternally enraged Arctic Skua was amusing. Luckily it missed.
Re: Amusing things on travels?? by t_t on 15 September 2003 5:52pm
Swimming in the North Sea, somewhere in the Netherlands, where the water was sooooo cold i thought i'd stop breathing and watching feces floating around me...
How could I have known, coming from Greece, a med country where the waters are warm and clean....
I managed to avoid all "obstacles" on my quick way back to the shore, but unfortunately my friend from Spain came out with a sh.t palatially parked on his shoulder...
Re: Amusing things on travels?? by Godfather on 29 November 2003 11:48pm
Everything about travel makes me laugh. Either from a pure comical point of view, or due to the absurdity of the situation. But one i do remember fondly was a trip through the Karakorum highway in Pakistan. There was one local trader in our minivan that we were all cramped into. He had a huge beard and nice turban. He seemed to be a trader who was transporting about 300 plastic cups somewhere and they were balanced on the back shelf. The guy was stoned out of his mind on Opium and hence had a permenant lazy grin along with his glazed eyes. Naturally, at every swervy bend or sudden braking of the vehicle, this collection of plastic cups (multi coloured ones i should add) catapulted swiftly forward and crashed all around our heads. The trader in his delerium simply grinned everytime with glazed eyes and half heartedly nudged them back again (which did very little in securing them). After 10 times, we found we gave up being frustrated by this and began laughing (and so did he,with glazed eyes and big grin). That of course made us laugh even harder each time it occured.
Re: Amusing things on travels?? by Paul the Palinphile on 30 November 2003 4:20pm
I have a couple of slightly amusing tales from Bulgaria in '83.
Bulgaria was still under Communist rule and you could'nt take their National Currency The Lev in or out of the country, the exchange rate was great and off course there was a thriving Black Market money exchange, everywhere you went someone would whisper out of the corner of their mouths "you want to change money?" This got somewhat tedious after 7 or 8 days(we were even drinking Pink Champagne on the beach trying to whittle down our spending money)anyhoo, we were in an outdoor bar one night(the owner had smuggled in western music via Finland and through Russia, Rod Stewart, The Kinks etc) when i felt the need to relieve myself, as the Toilet was "The Woods" i trundled off, i came back and said to the Father-In-Law..I was having a pee against one of the trees when a wee squirrel came up to me and said "Psst, you want to changed money?" well he spluttered on his pint and could not stop laughing Hysterically for ages.

another outdoor incident in Bulgaria saw Christine and I seated opposite a Lovely German Couple, the guy was a typical Rotund Jolly Bavarian, the waitress thought we were all together and lumped our bill in with theirs, once we had remedied the situation this guy and I kept passing over each other's drinks so the other could pay..until i inadvertently knocked his 1/2 full bottle of Red Wine over him, "Ahh, mein Guten Hosen" he cried(Beige coloured slacks) he was o.k about it but have you ever wished the ground would open and swallow you up?
Re: Amusing things on travels?? by JimR on 4 January 2004 1:33am
Around 12 years ago, I was on a flight from Los Angeles to Orlando. I'd been trying to get to florida to see a shuttle launch, but as it turned out I couldn't get on a flight and the launch took place whilst I was enroute.

Disappointed, as we neared Orlando, I was surprised to hear the captain announce over the cabin speaker that we should take a look out of the right hand windows. Of course, half of the plane immediately got out of their seats and craned their necks up to the windows to see the fantastic sight of the shuttle above us ascending on a towering column of white smoke. In fact the pilot was so keen for everybody to get a good look that he banked the plane pretty severly, spilling quite a few coffees in the process, but I think it was well worth it for such an amazing sight.

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