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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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I am So Sad forgive me!! by Dreamchild on 20 March 2003 8:55pm
The war has me sick inside I am so helpless against this event.I am scared for my son and what this will do to him in the years to come.People look at me in digust when I open my mouth agaist the war ,say that I am being UNAMERICAN how is being agaist WAR unamerican?and if it is the SO BE IT! I can not condone the action this country has taken Do I believe Saddam is a bad man YES but we will never touch him we are just going to kill innocent people over there,we have no right to tell the rest of the world what to do!I had hoped that Logic and Reason had brought humanity above the nessesaty for War but unfornatly I now have my answer.What can I do ,nothing wait watch and prefrom damege control for my 3 year old.I am sorry to bring such a depressing thing to the board,but I have no one else to turn too...I know Americans are mad about 9/11 but this will not bring justice!!People have been telling me war is natural and innocent people die in war WHY haven't we learned enough to be above this?I guess as long as its other innocent people no one cares just don't let it happen here!Forget that life is life and I pray for all Humanity!!

"Some say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one I hope one day you will join us then the world can live as one."
John Lennon
Re: I am So Sad forgive me!! by Eloise on 20 March 2003 10:07pm
Beth, I have no idea what to say! I didn't know what Americans think of the "war". Please don't feel you are alone within America in not wanting war. I think you should be proud of the fact that you value people's lives (INNOCENT people, may i add) more than revenge for 9/11. The war will probably do nothing in getting Suddam, simply kill people and stir more anger.

Most people in the UK feel the same , except Tony Blair. 1 out 5 want it. Everyone I know, friends, teachers, bus drivers know it is a bad idea to have a war. You aren't alone in your thinking.

We may not be in the same country, but I hope the fact mant people feel the same helps.

Please don't worry about bombs etc. Hopefully things will sort out soon.

The war just shows that people with power do what they want, even if they say they will listen to their party or the UN.

Shout about it, and scream. Just don't let it get you too down. Hopefully the people can show the government how to act probperly. Try not to think of the chemical/ biological warfare. That only makes it worse.

Find a copy of "the just war theory" by Thomas Aquinus, and see how few of the 7 or 8 requirements this war is following. All need to be followed to make it just.

hugs and tissues
Re: I am So Sad forgive me!! by Helen on 20 March 2003 10:25pm
No need to ask forgiveness. War is never the answer....Be well.

Re: I am So Sad forgive me!! by risible-phyll on 20 March 2003 11:04pm
Beth this maybe a difficult time ,but the love we can so clearly see that you have for your little one and all mankind will give you the strenght to see this through,

may you have peace Beth take care Phyll x
Re: I am So Sad forgive me!! by Dreamchild on 21 March 2003 12:56am
THANK YOU all for your kind words it means so much to me to know I am not alone,I'd give you all a great big hug if I could Thank you.
Re: I am So Sad forgive me!! by Kristine on 21 March 2003 1:36am
No worries Beth. You're certainly not alone on this one. Most Canadians didn't want the war either. Besides, I think it's just that the president wants to get back at big bad Saddam for daddy to a point. I mean, yeah, Hussian is a tyrant, but he hasn't really done anything to the scale of what he did in the late 1980's in the past few years or so. And then ever since since 9/11 came along, Dubya's been ranting and raving (if you can call it that) about "Terror" and all that lark. Couldn't he be just a little more consered about what's going on in HIS OWN Country? Wouldn't even the fact that other people would like to learn about other things that are happining in this world besides the war in Iraq cross his mind? I mean SERIOUSLY! EVERY SINGLE MAJOR NETWORK (American AND Canadian) HAS BEEN AIRING NOTHING BUT THIS ALL DAY! I am SICK and TIRED (litteraly) about hearing every single boring little detail about this ordeal in Iraq. For once, I wanna see something GOOD being reported on the news. I wanna see something NEW on the news. That's why it's called "The News."

Oy, I'm sorry if I sounded like a whiney little snob, I just needed to get that off my chest.
Re: I am So Sad forgive me!! by Miss-M on 21 March 2003 2:28am
Beth, take consolation in the fact that you aren't alone. War is futile and until every country is prepared to lay down its arms, we'll never truly achieve a sense of peace or justice.

Kristine, I agree with you about the television stations who give blow by blow descriptions of the action in Iraq. To me, giving an around the clock account (Day One, Day Two, etc.) only serves to glorify the war and reduce it to some kind of soap opera played out on the world stage! Plus I don't think it is very comforting or reassuring to the children who come home from school expecting to watch their cartoons to be confronted with the daily horrors of war.

Until this unfortunate chapter of history is behind us, I can only say keep smiling, and God Bless us all.

Michelle :)

"Power does not corrupt people; fools however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power." - Anon.
Re: I am So Sad forgive me!! by Mac on 21 March 2003 7:38am
Dear Beth you deffinately not alone, just caught a glimpse of the news last night , people are calling John Howard our Prime Minister a war Criminal !! Our own Prime Minister, how could he condone this ? I,m trying so hard to keep it together but I think I,m going to loose it soon, I have a son who hasn,t spoken to me in nearly 2 years and with all this it is only making me sad, my family is so important to me. There is no glory in war not to normal folk like me, I,m not going to benefit from any of this. I want so badly to talk with my son to make sure he is O.K. but even this hasn,t made any difference to him. All I can hope for is that sanity will prevail and we stand united against the real terrorists.
and yes Michelle God bless us all

I,ve just heard that there are reports that Hussein is either dead or injured.
Re: I am So Sad forgive me!! by Tracy on 21 March 2003 9:27am
i feel so lost with the war.

but we must never say "what americans think of the war" it's always "what you think of the war"

it scares me, but I don't have that much of an opinion on it. i feel like its a video game Bush is playing.

'All we're saying is give peace a chance'
Re: I am So Sad forgive me!! by pandk2 on 21 March 2003 10:55am
Speaking as an Australian with troops involved in the war, I feel exactly the same,as do all of my family and friends.
The Australian public were against our involvement but our government went ahead anyway..it's heartbreaking.
The TV coverage is having sa field day with this...turning it into entertainment.
I don't know what to do or what to well my kids...I can't get past the thought of families like mine sitting in their homes in Iraq,waiting for who knows what.
I just hope its over quickly with civillian casualties at an absolute minimum.
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