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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Upcoming trips to Vienna and Dublin by mylomook on 5 October 2006 10:37pm
Next weekend I will be traveling to Vienna and the following weekend I will be flying out to Dublin. If anyone has any suggestions or tips of what there is to see and do in either of those cities please let me know.
Re: Upcoming trips to Vienna and Dublin by rourkie on 10 October 2006 9:04am
Guinness brewery and trinity college in dublin. try a pint in a genuine irish pub called gravediggers in glasnevin in the north of the city
Re: Upcoming trips to Vienna and Dublin by tucsonmike on 11 October 2006 2:09am
I can help you with Vienna. What do you like to do?
Re: Upcoming trips to Vienna and Dublin by ev on 11 October 2006 1:22pm
Vienna is particularly stunning at night,when all the main buildings are lit up.

The Donau (Danube) tower near the United Nations HQ is a popular place to get a broad view over Vienna and beyond in all directions.

Also popular is going up the tower in St. Stephan's Cathedral, although the view from the main tower is currently obscured by scaffolding material, so it's better to just go up the bell tower on the side.

Popular but expensive is a tour around the city in a horse-drawn carriage.

Worth checking out is 'Schönbrunn' palace and its huge gardens:

Re: Upcoming trips to Vienna and Dublin by peripatetically on 11 October 2006 4:18pm
Gosh, Vienna is full of of stunning things to do and see. The churches are wonderful. check out the Vitivkirche and Karlskirche as well as St. Steppan's , of course. Often you'll get a free concert if you happen upon a choir rehearsal during the day . You'll think you died and went to heaven.

Unless you have reservations, you probably won't get to see the Lipanzanners. Same with the Vienna Boys Choir.

I was always fascinated by Hapsburg history and enjoyed seeing the vaults of dead Emperors and their hearts preserved in urns and the country's treasury. isit the capuchine church.

Try seeing the catacombs beneath St. Stephan's, entered from inside the cathedral.

The main shopping district is the Graben and Kartnerstrasse, both huge pedestraian areas. The column commemorating Vienna's black plaguein the late 17th cenury Pestsaul, is located there too.

The Stadt Park is so lovely, full of statues honoring musicians, espcially the beautiful one at the southwestern end for Johannes Strauss. There is a pnd with ducks and lovely paths and benches. You can catch waltz demonstrations there too, inside the building very nearby.

Stop in at Demel's , the most famous pastry shop in town, although coffeeshops offer lovely treats as well. If I remember correctly, Demel's is located on Kohlmarkt. Landtmann';s is another, but there are several.

I would also suggest you wander the streets of the old District #1. If possible, grab a little book printed in various languages called "VIENNA from A to Z". It covers well over 250 or so historic sights and paques outside the sights denpte the corresponding explanations in the guide. It's the easist and best thing you'll invest in while there. Little flags on the numbered plaques draw your attetnon so yu don't miss anything. Maps are included.I had (deceased now) friends who lived in the old Sterngasse 3 apartment with courtyard who were -born and died there, It was originally an old Benedictine Monastery and built upon old Roman ruins. Some ruins are unearthed and sit at the foot of the nearby staircase. But the entire area is absolutely wonderful and shows the true old-fashioned Vienna and how is was during it's glory days.

As mentioned, a fiaker can be hailed for a little tour around town too, but it;'s limited to certain streets. it's fun though.. Find them parked behind St. Stephan's, lined up and waiting for customers.

St. Ruprecht's is the oldest church from the 11th century and well worth a gander. Located around the ebd from some of the most quaint and oldest part of the city--District #1

ANother vantage point from which you can see all of the city an outskirts is from the Reisenrod at the Prater, across the Danube. it's closer than the UN Bldg., but is still a bit out of the way. That park used to be a royal hunting ground and was laer turned intoa park for the common folk.

Must run. More later. Have to eat lunch now!
Re: Upcoming trips to Vienna and Dublin by peripatetically on 11 October 2006 8:16pm
I'm back.

Speaking of eating, try the Griechenbeisl Restaurant. Ask to see the room with the autographs all over the ceiling and walls. They are truly authentic and quite numerous. You'll be amazed at the names of infamy. Zeppelin, Mozart, and many many others. You could stand there for hours trying to read them, but the waiter will help you out if you ask him. Some are more recent, some are old. That used to be one of the places where literary, musical and other great minds gathered to exchange ideas , etc. It's a great find and used to be a big secret. It was never in tour books and I found it quite by mistake, really. Also in District #1, for lunch or dinner. You could do much of what I'm telling you and stop for a bite right there! Located on Fleischmarkt, I believe. (The names tell you it was a Greek place where the fishmarkets were a long time ago. Simple. And the place has atmosphere PLUS!

Not sure howlong you have, but Austria and Hungary have a hisotry connected for all time. If you wish t have the Hungarian flavor to top off a great visit, try a Hungarian restaurant. I went to Matyas not ar from the opera House. Not sure it's still there, but you could ask. Gypsy music and the waiters and food is quite authentic. Fun.

And for a bit of nostalgic Wien, eat in the Rathaus basement with the huge wine barrel and musicians playing your old Viiennese favorites. Some by request with a little tip if you wish!

Another interesting place is the Central Cemetery, reached by tram, it's located outside the south part of town. It's absolutely huge and is the most interesting place of burial I've ever seen. Areas are marked off where certain dignitaries are buried. others are for literary kings and others for musicians, etc. Laid next to each other one after another. Incredible mindsand talents all in one place. Of course, no one knows the whereabouts of Mozart, but there is a monument for him. It's amazing. A taxi ride would save time, but the tram is fun if you have time to spare.

If you need a little something to eat, try the world famous Sachertorte. It's the original, and there are some to claim to be the original but are not, but go to the Sacher Hotel next to the Opera House. They have a sidewalk cafe or dining salons. I've been for lunch at the outdoor cafe and the torte inside with tea. Hmm, good! It's an institution!!!

Yet another wonderful experience food-related, is going to the Grinzing area where the wine cellars are plentiful. One of the nicest and least touristy establishment is Schmidt's Heuriger. Many are geered to the tourist trade and the wine isn't too terrific, But the idea is still there if that's your option. I still prefer Schmidt's, though and I highly recommend it. The locals go there. If it's summer and warm, sit outisde at the benches. Some people take their own food and just order the wine. That's the tradition.

Ya know, I could go on for a lifetime about Austria. Vienna is enchanting and you need as mich time there as possible. I've only told you a measely few things and not in detail. You could delve into things so deeply, you'd get lost foreve! hahahaha. It's favorite place of mine as you may have guessed. it's just so steeped in history and relates to much of Europe through the ages.

There is also the Vienna Woods. OOhhhhhhhhhhh, what a lovely lovely place. So serene and beautiful. Strauss didn't write his waltzes for nothing. It was one of his greatest inspirations, the Wienerwald! Mayerling is there, the place where Crown Prince Rudolph committed double suicide with his lover, so it is said. Never will know true story, as some think it was murder as he had different and newer ideas for Austria and Empire's future. He was much more progressive in thought . Now sits a nunnery where the bodies were found and the nuns pray for the deceaseds' souls on a daily basis. It's a very solemn place. But the woods are enormous. My Viennese friends also owned a restaurant there and lived there a while too. Then they moved to the Wachau Valley to a 250 year old dairy farm, in Zeiselberg, which they restored. I stayed with them and it was unreal!!!!!!!!. Oh I do have good memories and cherish all my experiences to the hilt. Sad to say these marvelous people are gone now. .
Re: Upcoming trips to Vienna and Dublin by mylomook on 12 October 2006 12:49am
I already have plans to visit the Art History Museum and the Schoenbrunn palace. I am really interested in visiting Vienna because I am Jewish and where I am staying in Austria is almost compleltly absent of Jews. I know Vienna has a much larger population of Jews so I am interested in exploring what the city has to offer, plus I really want to find some kosher food. Living in Salzburg I have been forced to survive on almost a completely vegetarian diet because they do not have a lot to offer for those that keep kosher.
Re: Upcoming trips to Vienna and Dublin by ev on 12 October 2006 12:25pm
Well, hey if you are going to the Art History Museum mylomook, directly opposite is the Museum of Natural History.. I was pretty blown away by that.. had nowhere near enough time to see it all.. I think you definitely need a whole day.. anyway I recommend it strongly..

Also thanks to peripatetically for all that info about Vienna.. have only been there briefly myself, but I could see that it's the sort of place that you can delve deep into..
Re: Upcoming trips to Vienna and Dublin by peripatetically on 13 October 2006 12:39am
Mylomook, Vienna's District #1 has a synagogue and a Jewish sector thus another reason you'd like to visit that part of town. District # 1 is behind St. Stephan's Cathedral. I would presume there are Jewish grocery and restaurants somewhere in the vicinity. Just head there and I'm sure your appetite will be satisfied culturally as well as biologically! J, Bauernmarkt to Judengasse has patrician houses andthe synogogue Follow Seitenstettengasse to Rabensteig and Moritzplatz and there is a monument to the victims of the Gestapo. Climb steps to St. Ruprecht's and see more of the District #1. It's so interesting.
Re: Upcoming trips to Vienna and Dublin by Ken Dunn on 16 October 2006 9:13pm
We had bad weather on our visit to Dublin and of all the things we did, some of which are mentioned above, we found Dublin Zoo the best of our holiday experiences. It takes most of the day to go round it properly.

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