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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Barack Obama. by tucsonmike on 1 November 2006 6:17am
I just finished reading his book The Audacity of Hope. He was editorialized in this weeks Economist. Shucks, but one of my Senators (John McCain) dislikes him intensely. Obama is interesting. He also seems honest (amazing for a politician).
Re: Barack Obama. by sighthound on 1 November 2006 9:08am
I've voted for McCain but I'm voting for Obama. He's the only Democrat with vision in the last decade.

...weird that McCain dislikes him so because McCain is also unusually honest for a successful politician. Any thoughts on that, Mike? (This may seem totally parochial to our international membership but we're talking about the next President of the United States here and it is in all of our best interests that another "I WANT TO RULE THE WORLD!" politico is NOT elected.)
Re: Barack Obama. by Wild in Africa on 1 November 2006 11:02am
From a Kenyan perspective there is a lot of excitement on the prospect of a Son of Kenya running for the highest office in the US (if not globally).
However I do have a serious conceptual problem when people start taliking of the potential first 'black' President of the US. Barak Obama has I believe one white parent and this blanket labelling of any non-white person as automatically 'black's seems racist and bigoted. By all means acknowledge him as non-white and welcome that diversity and the prospect of someone of that diversity potentially reaching that high office.
But he will not be a 'Black' President anymore than Colin Powell was a 'black' Secretary of State. I am sure however he is labelled he can only be a Better President than the present incumbent!
Re: Barack Obama. by canaveralgumby on 1 November 2006 4:36pm
Obama looks promising to me, and I have nothing against him except his youth and inexperience. However, my husband pointed out that John F. Kennedy was young and inexperienced when elected.

Here's what I worry about. The first US president of another race will have to take this chance. Does anyone know the Wyclef Jean song:
"If I was President,
I'd be elected on Friday,
Assassinated on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday"

Personally I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear, "Gov. Richardson has thrown his hat into the ring."

Re: Barack Obama. by sighthound on 1 November 2006 6:38pm
When Richardson throws his hat into the ring (and he will), maybe people will finally realize that New Mexico is part of the United States. Before my trip there this month, all kinds of people asked me if I needed a passport to "get back into the States".

A Obama/Richardson (or Richardson/Obama) ticket? Now that would break some new ground for African-Americans and Latinos!
Re: Barack Obama. by tucsonmike on 2 November 2006 1:26am
U.S. News and World Report said this week that some pundits here now think a Barack Obama vs. Condi Rice Presidential Election is not impossible.

Normally, the hype toward a Presidential election becomes old. This time though, I feel excited and a little nervous.

Geraldine, I have heard folks suggest Obama/Richardson as the Democratic ticket and Rice/Kay Bailey Hutchinson (Senator from Texas) as the Republican ticket.

Cori, I hope the Wyclief Jean song does not ring true. If it does, I would really fear for my country.

Re: Barack Obama. by canaveralgumby on 2 November 2006 5:44am
I feel Richardson is the best choice not because it would piss off every bigot (although that IS a perk!) but because Kim-Jung Il gives him a friendly audience and I think that may be the most important issue in the next 4 years.
Re: Barack Obama. by tucsonmike on 2 November 2006 4:48pm
Geraldine, I can answer McCain's dislike. It was in U.S. News. Obama backed out of a bipartisan McCain led group on lobbying reform to run the Democratic version. McCain called him disingenuous and self interested. Obama responded with McCain being cranky.
Re: Barack Obama. by sighthound on 2 November 2006 8:32pm
Yes, McCain does have his cranky side -just wish he'd direct it more at Bush; after making a good start, he really backed down on the torture issue and gave Bush exactly what he wanted, just cloaked in "nicer" rhetoric. He really surprised and disappointed me with that but he probably thought he had to make that "compromise" if he didn't want to give up his hopes of being nominated for President - definitely self-interest.)

Obama fascinates me because he's the only Democrat around who is capable of articulating a vision. ("The Audacity of Hope" - what a great title! No one else around, Dem or Repub, is giving us any reason to hope.) It remains to be seen if he has feet of clay.

Saw lots of attacks on Richardson on tv when I was in New Mexico - nothing substantial - just "why would you want to vote for him when he's just going to abandon us to run for President?"
Re: Barack Obama. by tucsonmike on 3 November 2006 12:39am
Oh Geraldine, you are gonna hate me. I was reading the potential candidate profiles for 2008. It still says Condi Rice would win the Republican nomination. No question, were it not for Barack Obama, Hillary is all but assured the Democratic nomination. Then again, with thirteen possible Democratic Candidates and fifteen Republicans, anything is possible, because they may end up splitting the vote so heavily.

I hate to say it. In the end, it is going to be a case of following the money trail. Hillary and John Kerry have the big money on the Democratic side. The Republicans? Sorry a coin only has two sides.:-)
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