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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Work's not all bad! by monica on 26 March 2003 1:57am
Guess who I saw on the London Tube coming home from work today? You've guessed it, the one and only Michael Palin!!!!!! It's true I swear. There I was, fighting for a seat on the overcrowded Northern Line, when I suddenly looked up, and lo and behold, there's Michael, sitting, reading a book by John Updike. I don't think anyone else noticed! I tried to appear nonchalant but was shaking with excitement inside. By chance, I happened to have a copy of his Around the World in 80 Days in my bag, but didn't have the nerve to fish it out and/or ask for his autograph. Still, a very nice end to a rather stressful day. Life does throw up nice surprises once in a while.
Re: Work's not all bad! by Helen on 26 March 2003 2:04am
that is AWESOME!!!!
salivating with envy,
Re: Work's not all bad! by RichB on 26 March 2003 2:07am
Blimey Monica, fancy seeing Michael on the way home from work, best I can claim is that the old 1500m runner from the 90's, Peter Elliot, lives in Rotherham and I used to see him at weekends running round the streets (probably nowhere else to go). Keep looking for Michael and take the plunge next time, say hello.

P.S. Helen, I just said in my other thread about the 'convention' that we didn't salivate about Michael, just thought you ought to know.
Re: Work's not all bad! by ellenpc on 26 March 2003 2:55am

It's alright Rich, just sucked back the dribble! :^}

Ellen, all zipped up!
Re: Work's not all bad! by MissTrixiB on 26 March 2003 4:27am
What a lovely story! So, which stop did he get off at? ;-) (tee hee...you don't have to answer that) It's nice to know that he truly does support the use of public transportation! I know that I had my copy of 'Full Circle' out on every one of my trips on the tube....but alas....no Michael spottings. Now.....could you please hand me a napkin?
Re: Work's not all bad! by Dreamchild on 26 March 2003 5:32am
That is so cool wish I lived in London for many reasons always been facinated by it mayeb i will see it it one day and hopefully Michael too.Next time say hello whats the worst that could happen.
Re: Work's not all bad! by Dianne on 26 March 2003 6:51am
I have a friend when staying in London only lived a few houses up from Michael's. She said she never saw him though. However, she did see him running one day in Hampstead Heath. I wonder if anyone gave him a wolf whistle then?
Re: Work's not all bad! by pandk2 on 26 March 2003 6:57am
What a nice story...a close encounter of the Michael kind!
With the message board turning to such serious issues, it was great to read that little gem
Thanks Monica!
Re: Work's not all bad! by sleepydumpling on 26 March 2003 12:16pm
Wow Monica! That's incredible!

It's great to see someone use public transport who doesn't have to - the more support for public transport the better. And people might realise that if Michael Palin can do it - so can they!

If you see him again, do pop over and say hello - but be mindful not to cause a stir. I am sure he doesn't want a big fuss while he is travelling home. A discreet "Excuse me Mr Palin, I love your books/series." would probably make his day!

Re: Work's not all bad! by Mac on 27 March 2003 9:23am
Wow Monica, thats terrific but I can,t see that sort of thing ever happening to me, for a start don,t live in London and I don,t use public transport
Oh well !

MAC xxx
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