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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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American elections by sighthound on 8 November 2006 8:26am
Early returns here but
Rick SANTORUM LOST and Barbaro got his cast off!!! A great day for animals!

Will go happily to sleep on that and catch up with the rest of the returns in the morning....
Re: American elections by pandab on 9 November 2006 12:26am
I must say, rampant Liberal that I am, that I am most gratified with our election results. Not totally thrilled, mind you, but pretty darned pleased on the whole.

The icing on my cake came this afternoon when I found out that dear old Rumsfeld is heading out. Don't know what the future holds with Robert Gates, but I'm not letting that sour my relishing of the moment. Sigh.

Re: American elections by sighthound on 9 November 2006 1:22am
I just loved it when Bush said that Rumsfield's departure had nothing to do with the election even though just last week he insisted that Rumsfield would be staying on until the end or his reign, er, his Presidency. Has Bush no shame? Does he really think that people believe him when he lies like that?
Re: American elections by Ellerd on 9 November 2006 2:54am
I've seen Rick Santorum's profile on Wikipedia - serves the bigot right!

I was wondering what you guys think of Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker-elect. She seems like a decent politician to me (as decent as they get anyway...), just from what Iv'e read in this morning's papers.
Re: American elections by sighthound on 9 November 2006 3:36am
I've been fighting Santorum for a year and a half over his "animal rights" extremist inspired legislation, PAWS, that, if it had passed, would have outlawed the breeding of cats and dogs except in large, federally-licenced facilities (i.e. "puppy mills") and which would have spelled doom for many rare breeds of dogs like mine so I'm really enjoying his defeat.

Pelosi used to be my local and then national rep years ago. I really liked her and voted for her all the time I lived in the S.F. Bay Area.

I'm sure in the meantime, to get to where she's gotten, she's had to make a lot of compromises and is beholden to many people but she's definitely going to be better than her predecessor. She actually realizes that there's a health care crisis in this country.
Re: American elections by canaveralgumby on 9 November 2006 10:14pm
My husband is less-than-six-degrees-separarted from a new Member of Congress!

Representative-Elect John Hall of New York (state) was the lead singer, guitarist and co-founder of a band called Orleans. You know them. They did "Dance with Me" and "Still the One." So, Mike's best friend and drum teacher was good friends with the late Wells Kelly, Orleans' drummer.

John Hall, of all people, appeared on the Colbert Report last night!


And here he is in the band in 1972: http://orleansonline.com/images/orleans1972.jpg

Funny story: During Bush's re-election campaign 2 years ago, W's managers decided upon the song "Still the One" for their official campaign song. Mr. Hall, being involved in local politics in upstate NY at the time, held a press conference to say, "I am against everything you stand for and you may not use my song."

So hurray for NY's 19th District - The FIGHTIN' 19th!
Re: American elections by sighthound on 9 November 2006 11:21pm
I saw that Colbert Report! Hall and Colbert's duet with weird harmony on the "Star-Spangled Banner" was hilarious and surprisingly patriotic.

I love The Colbert Report! They get such interesting people you've never seen before and get them to do such wonderful things. Plus amazingly astute political commentary....
Re: American elections by George on 11 November 2006 1:26am
I am a dead on conservative, and, frankly, I'm happy to see a change in Washington. The Republican Party seems to have beeen dragging a lot the last few years. A good blood-letting is needed every 10 years or so, to bring on new ideas. People have grown weary of our seeming lack of focus on Iraq. I would think no one would be happier to leave government than Donald Rumsfeld, himself.
Re: American elections by canaveralgumby on 11 November 2006 8:05pm
George, if I may ask a personal question - are you among the conservative Republicans who feel that your party had been hijacked by the zealot religious right? I look at that and think, the fiscally conservative, socially centrist, capitalist Republicans almost need to break away and form their own third party.
Re: American elections by George on 11 November 2006 11:38pm
Well, I don't know if the Republican Party hyjacked or if it ran straight for the Evangelicals. Certainly, the current Pres. Bush is the most attractive leader for the Evangelicals to latch on to, since Jimmy Carter. Too, Bush has needed all the friends he can hold to keep up the war in Iraq under the "Rumsfelf Doctrine", fighting the war with as few troops as possible. Personally, I the think Evangelicals are losing some of their intransigence. While there will always be a zealot core of believers, the rank in file has grown weary of some of their litmus test issues, like gay marriage and abortion.

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