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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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iPod warranty by finnguy on 12 November 2006 9:18pm
As some of you know, I have been living in Finland for over 7 years, but still have family in the UK.

Anyway, I am wanting to buy an iPod and have noticed that they are generally a bit cheaper in the UK than here. So I was thinking of ordering one to my parents' address and then getting it when I'm 'home' for Christmas.

The question is, does anyone know if the warranty would be valid in Finland, even if the actual iPod was bought in the UK?
Re: iPod warranty by Sophie-Louise on 12 November 2006 9:27pm
it should be valid anyway especially if you buy it online. if anything goes wrong with it i think all you would need to do is use your parents address as the owner of the ipod, then there would be no problem.
Re: iPod warranty by finnguy on 13 November 2006 9:23am
Thanks for your reply Sophie-Louise.

The problem with using my parents' address is that if something goes wrong with the iPod then I may be only covered by Apple UK and would have to take the time and trouble to post it (expensively, with insurance and everything) to them. It would be easier to know that I could just take to an Apple Finland dealer and have them sort it out.

Maybe I need to contact Apple directly about this. The problem is, as with a lot of companies nowadays, they seem to only provide a phone number for customer service, not an email address. I better get ready for a long wait and a short temper...
Re: iPod warranty by kazzzz on 13 November 2006 1:16pm
I would assume that it would be covered, many people buy electrical items duty free when travelling.
Re: iPod warranty and iPods in general by finnguy on 13 November 2006 1:40pm
I phoned both Apple UK (spoke to a girl from the Republic of Ireland) and Apple Finland (spoke to a Swede or Norwegian - I hate this delocalisation caused by globalisation, but that's a whole new thread!).

Anyway, they both assured me that the warranty is a worldwide warranty so Apple Finland would have to deal with my iPod if anything were to happen to it. I wonder should I have asked for that in writing! ;)

The only problem now is that I will have to be patient and wait until Christmas before I get my hands on it...

By the way, what are people's general thought about iPods? Any good/bad experiences to report? I 've always thought that they were top quality but I've recently read a few scare stories of them not functioning properly, freezing etc.

Any thoughts...?
Re: iPod warranty by kazzzz on 13 November 2006 1:53pm
Well my daughter has an Ipod purchased in the UK and we're in Australia, so hope it keeps workin'!
It's very hard to use I must say, we find it totally confusing. It dosn't freeze though. Yet!
Re: iPod warranty by Sophie-Louise on 13 November 2006 2:58pm
great! that's good news finnguy!

i did have an ipod and i had no complaints. it worked really well and i really enjoyed taking it to the gym cos its' so light in weight. you can take it anywhere.

although i had to sell it to help pay to take my boyfriend to france for his 21st birthday!!! a wonderful trip, but i miss the ipod!!!
Re: iPod warranty by kazzzz on 13 November 2006 3:00pm
Lol sell his and make him take you to Alton Towers Soph ;)
Re: iPod warranty by justatest on 13 November 2006 3:06pm
Well, I personally don't have an ipod (I have a Sony NWHD-3 - bit of a mouthful, but i've had it about 2 years and only had 1 problem - mine was in a bad batch, but it was easily fixed within a couple of weeks for free) Though I don't think they sell these any more :/

I know about 6 people with different ipods, and only 1 has had major problems. He has an ipod mini, and he had battery problems where it wouldn't hold a charge, and kept telling him it was out of power even when plugged into the mains. The shop replaced it and no problems so far. :)
Re: iPod warranty by Lounge Trekker on 13 November 2006 6:29pm
I bought an iPod nearly two years ago. I fried the first one, or it blew up anyway, and it was replaced within two days with the next larger model. I was pleased with the level of service in this respect.

I am in LOVE with my iPod. I learned something about myself. I am a fetal iPod baby...it just took them forty years to learn how to manage it!

If you just want to play music, shop for an mp3 player, but the 30G Photo/Video iPod I have is a marvellous peice of technology. I don't know if there is a limit on the file size you can transfer, but I use mine as a portable hard disc. I can plug into any computer (Windows) and the OS recognizes it as a drive. I have a hundred of my favourite pictures on board, and five videos, all my music, all my critical personal information for insurance purposes, phone numbers, addresses and still have 22+G of free memory. It isn't much good as a PDA (no keyboard), but I have a lot of info as .txt files visible on the screen, and documents I am working on.

It's not just a toy. I needed a plumbing part in an old building so I took a few pictures of it, transferred the pics to iPod and showed it to the guy at the hardware store. Got the right part, first time. I don't know the specs, but pictures and videos are amazingly clear and visible considering they're on a 2-inch screen.

Yes, finnguy, iPod gets two thumbs up from me. I haven't tried any peripherals, but search iPod and you'll find many, many accessories. I like things like a card reader, voice recorder, and little speakers so you can listen to your tunes with others. There are ten million cone-heads inventing iPod accessories...you'll never have them all!

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