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  The Chatter Box : The Series
Pole to Pole (P2P) by iand on 21 November 2006 2:05pm
I agree with many conntributors that 80 days was by far and away the best of MP's trips to date but I have to say that P2P comes a close second.
What are your memories of some of the more funny or poignant aspects of the series. Some of my favourites are the trip through Russia and the lady who takes a 'swim' with MP on the Junost ferry from Odessa to Istanbul...where did they get the 'pool' from and was it made specially for MP? Also where did she appear from...she certainly gives the impression of getting rather too friendly with MP for his own liking!!! Loved the comment about their mutual interest in Church Architecture...wonder what Helen Palin was thinking?????
Saddest moment seems to be the time when MP is walking away from Shiva in Zambia and states that John and Lorna Harvey were attacked and killed a few months later.
Dr Bayele the Witch Doctor was good too with his 'evil shadow' prophecy.
Ultimately the South Pole trip starting with the fantastic pan pipes music in Chile leading to the pole itself.
So what funnies or memories do you have also of P2P?
Re: Pole to Pole (P2P) by orangecat on 7 September 2007 5:08pm
A late reply, but I've recently rewatched Pole to Pole and just love it so much, especially the parts in Africa. It's really interesting how all those political events unfolded just around Pole to Pole's time of visitation. So much has changed since then, it would be really interesting to see what things are like now.
Re: Pole to Pole (P2P) by tucsonmike on 7 September 2007 10:26pm
I am reareading the part of the book covering the Sudan.
Re: Pole to Pole (P2P) by Blairhoyle on 18 September 2007 3:12pm
I love all his series but to place them in order would be

1) Pole to Pole
2) Full Circle
3) 80 Days
4) Himalaya
5) Sahara

I was very interesed in the part of the Ukraine after the nuclear disaster and the fact that Russia was imploding. I've always been interested in Russia, I've never been and given the current politcal climate with Russia and the UK I think it may be a few years before I go.

The tour down into Africa (Sudan, Ethiopa) was a real eye opener and I very much doubt any other traveller will be able to do what he did for a good number of years to come.

Its sad to see the state Zimbabwe today. When Michael visited the trouble was only begining, my friend had to leave everything behind to come back to Scotland, and I mean everything and had to start over again. I think at the time of Michael's visit the authorities were going to dig up someone's body and deliver back to the UK.

in Full Circle I found the Eastern side of Russia very interesting, South America and the parts of Asia (however I do believe the bet he placed in Japan was a fix ;-) )

Also Michael inspired me to go to China after seeing it on Full Circle.
Re: Pole to Pole (P2P) by christophertravels on 16 June 2008 3:58am
I just finished watching this series, again. I've really enjoyed it. And what made it more enjoyable is that I've since the last time I saw the series I've been to Helsinki, St Pete's, Novgorod, Istanbul and Cairo. This summer, I'll see the same parts of Africa. I didn't set out to repeat this particular adventure, but I've copied more from this series than any other.

This series really showed the viewer how difficult is was to travel from Pole to Pole. And that's what I like about Michael's early programs, it's as much about travel and the journey as it is about the destination.

New Europe was all about destination, not about travel.

Pole to Pole was about travel, adventure travel. They made a very difficult journey and brought us along for the ride.
Re: Pole to Pole (P2P) by spursrule on 16 June 2008 9:09am
80 days just pips pole to pole because of the fact that he completed the trip as intended, however the south american part in p2p made it interesting. There were also more varied envirnnments in 80 days and there was ofcourse that fantastic dhow episode. Full Circle comes a close third and the others could go in any sequence after the initial three journeys. This 80 days revisited idea is brilliant and if it was successful, a p2p revisited would also be great. I think MP should do another programme like the hemmingway adventure, which was actually really good and very interesting even though i did not really have much interest in ernest hemmingway himself.
Re: Pole to Pole (P2P) by outbasket on 2 November 2008 9:46pm
Anyone know how MP planned to get to the South pole if he took the MV S. A. Agulhas to Antarctica? Was he going to fly or go overland once he reached Antarctica?

I have watched this series 3 times and enjoy it every time.

Update October 2011:

Just watched the series again and had to check up on the status of the S. A. Agulhas.

Wikipedia says the S. A. Agulhas will be retired in April 2012.

Another interesting note is that in "In December 1991 the Agulhas suffered rudder damage while in the Antarctic. The German icebreaker RV Polarstern assisted and by February 1992 the Agulhas was freed from the packice. Once freed, the SAS Drakensberg towed the stricken vessel back to Cape Town for repairs."

Michael did have a stroke of luck not being on that ship after all. Perhaps that evil shadow was removed when he finally used that bark. Of course being stuck in the ice would have made good film, but perhaps it would have been more difficult to get to the pole. I still wonder how he would have gotten to the pole itself if he took that ship. Perhaps he was planning on flying with the same company he ended up using.
Re: Pole to Pole (P2P) by orangecat on 16 May 2009 6:13am
Pretty sure he would've had to take a flight to the polar base. It's just too wickedly dangerous sleigh riding down with a camera crew that hasn't prepped themselves for this type of journey.

Anyway, how about a remake of P2P? Would be neat to cover the distance again, comparing and contrasting all the differences. Even the south pole base is completely different now with a different building. Some areas of course off limits completely such as Zimbabwe.
Re: Pole to Pole (P2P) by Reaz on 16 May 2009 8:15am
Can anyone provide info that P2P was published in DVD format? Then I could collect it from any DVD store.

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