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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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the 2006 appreciation thread by foreignrabbit on 2 January 2007 5:42pm
what about this year can you personasly say was the best thing that happened to:
a) you?
b) your country?
c) the world?
d) miscelaneous? (anything nice that may or may not have happened)

for the time being im only going to answer d.

a certain city (patras) became cultural capital of europe this year.

and an odd fact.

in 4 seasons of 24 jack bauer killed 93 people. thats 93 people in 96 hours.

what did he take a 3 hour nap be tween the mass murdering.

he should be locked up!!!!
Re: the 2006 appreciation thread by perfectbitch on 2 January 2007 8:24pm
a) I went to see MP at the Logan Hall talk.
b) Our goernment opposed the death penalty in the international arena.
c) Is still here.
d) The love and frienship of my friends both here and in my real world.

Re: the 2006 appreciation thread by Sophie-Louise on 2 January 2007 11:51pm
a) getting engaged
b) the summer was lovely and warm! shame about the ice caps but still the summer was great! :)
c) i dunno realy. nothing springs to mind.
d) my friends making me laugh so much that coke came out my nose followed by getting the hic ups for 3 hours...
Re: the 2006 appreciation thread by arty_farty on 3 January 2007 12:13am
a) getting the job at threshers
b) er...cream teas
c) can't think of anything
d) meeting linz, sue, andrea and sue's friend at logan hall.
Re: the 2006 appreciation thread by tucsonmike on 3 January 2007 2:03am
Best things.

Me, I have four of them.
1. The book.
2. Getting Yerbie.
3. Starting the Project to help bring Toastmasters to Kazakhstan.
4. My friends here and in real life.

My Country: The Iraq Study Report. Readers for the blind are rushing to Washington to devote their time and engergy to read it like a filibuster in the White House.

The World. Have to agree with Linz. It is still here.

Wow, Jack done killed that many? No wonder he needed the siesta.

Re: the 2006 appreciation thread by sighthound on 3 January 2007 4:06am
Let's see....

A. my puppies who were born last January and never cease to lift my spirits

B. the elections which repudiated Bush's war

C. that, despite all the strife, people still try to communicate with each other so there is hope

D. my friends (and you all are included)
Re: the 2006 appreciation thread by kazzzz on 3 January 2007 4:51am

a. Got my two adorable kittens
b. 1/2 our cricket team quit INCLUDING Shane yuk Warne
c. A wildlife sanctuary near me has started a breeding programme to restock the Tasmanian Devil nubmers coz they're in danger of extinction.
d. Um......my friend Michael sent me 2 Cadbury creme egg bars :) He's so luverley.
Re: the 2006 appreciation thread by johnnythemonkey on 3 January 2007 5:42am
a)my sister is still alive
d)my sister is still alive and my family love me
Re: the 2006 appreciation thread by foreignrabbit on 3 January 2007 5:43am
a) i made the first team in hockey. i got kickied out for being unfit, but the person after me must've been worse because the next day i was back in the team!!!!

b) we won (is this the right word?) a seat in the un security council. im model un so this is moderately kewl for me.

c) half the australian cricket team quit. now we might stop not-winning (its so bad we can say the "l" word in case of nervous breakdowns, milligan style)

d)i've answered this but heres another. i came here and met you guys.

thanks for sharing your good year (well parts of it must've been if you answered this?)

kazzzz really took advantage of my real/not real happening thingy.

i mean seriously, who has 2 kittens!
Re: the 2006 appreciation thread by fairygirl48 on 3 January 2007 6:13pm
a)a mate for our golden retriever Maggie full name: Sir Winston Riley

b)passed fall 2006 semester with better grades than I thought I'd get

c)met two of the best friends I've ever had

d)joined the site and read all of MP's books
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