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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Why are we here by cigar52 on 1 April 2003 1:40pm
Presently, in New Zealand, there is a commercial of sorts being run on TV that depicts this twit moaning about not knowing why we were put on this earth, and asking a waitress for some answers. Then a voice comes on saying that the only way to get the answers that are wanted, a person only has to go to a church.

I say, 'What a load of garbage!'

I believe that the main reason for my existence on this world is to learn some sort of lesson to do with that life. If I don't learn that lesson, I am doomed to return to this world again and again, until I have learned my special lesson. The difficulty is that I won't know what that lesson is until I am dead and am on the astral plane of existance. There IS no escaping whatever is in store for my fate. If I've failed to learn my "lesson", I am doomed to return sometime to this world until I learn that lesson.

It seems to be a micky mouse way to run things, but what I described is what everybody is put on the planet to do.

Incidentally. I believe that there is no need to worry about Heaven and Hell. What I mean by that, is, our existance in this world is the Hell part, and the afterlife is the Heaven part.

Re: Why are we here by risible-phyll on 1 April 2003 2:51pm
Sorry, who am I and what am I doing here!!!??????

and what are you looking at ???

Do I know you ? let alone myself????.....

Phyllx :¬)
Re: Why are we here by peripatetically on 1 April 2003 2:53pm
Re: Why are we here by Layla on 1 April 2003 3:39pm
I don't believe that either , I believe in the ol' " reproduction and happiness" theory ie. we are fundamentaly here to reproduce just like amoeba or whatever and as we are more clever we have a unique aim to also be happy. ( which I thought for sometime I was quite clever in thinking before I realised that lots of people thought it too!) I don't think there's a reason, but because of our level of intelligence( high because we question, low cause we cannot grasp and accept life in a black and white way), some of us can't accept that there is no meaning to life and cannot understand how we came to be. This unsettles us so we need an explanation ie. religious stuff + learning lessons etc. I think we believe in an afterlife as most of us are afraid of dying and having our existence taken away, knowing that there's an afterlife would make us feel a lot better and happier. I kind of think that ,just because I don't understand something doesn't mean that it's not true. Like just because I cannot grasp the fact that the universe is never ending doesn't mean it's not true - just that I'm not smart enough. Also I accept that I may be wrong and that religion could be right and maybe there is a reason for us to be here beyond reproduction. I just need proof though so that's why I'm not very faithful. Hmm I'm not good at ranting, religion and stuff is a very taboo topic to write about ( + has nothing to do with Michael Palin so feel free to give out to me!) so I'll finish off by saying that I just bought " How To Irritate people" by John Cleese, featuring Graham Chapman, Michael Palin and Tim Brooke-Taylor, and it's really good. Has anyone else got it? It's from 1968 and you can see some early versions of monty python sketches like dirty fork, dead parrot ( in the form of bringing a broken car to a garage), and the quiz show featuring a pepperpot - also John explains the term "pepperpot". I was in stiches laughing esp at the pilot sketch and the one where Connie Booth makes Michael tell a dirty joke to old people!!!
Re: Why are we here by Louise on 2 April 2003 1:19am
Didn`t John Cleese once say, somewhere which escapes me: "You have to work it out for yourself" ?
Re: Why are we here by ellenpc on 2 April 2003 1:48am
Everyone, in unison

"We are all individuals......."

Ellen and Bwian.
Re: Why are we here by cigar52 on 2 April 2003 3:18am
The so-called afterlife is just the next plane of existence for that part of everybody that is immortal. Just ask any spiritualist. :-)
Re: Why are we here by fattcslim on 2 April 2003 3:35am
what life all about? are we really real or is there some doubt? join in everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Re: Why are we here by nottlob on 2 April 2003 4:19am
That's a pretty disturbing commercial for certain people if it keeps running and running on TV! I've always thought of ourselves, or ME as just a larger organism thingy that consumes every other animal on earth...I'm JOKING...a bit, lol. Could you image if there was something bigger that ate humans everyday? And we would all be rounded up and put on the back of a truck like sheep to be fed to that...thing?...just...imagining, lol.
Re: Why are we here by notquitenglish on 2 April 2003 4:29am
I find it rather silly that some churches put out commercials. Do they expect the viewer to be sitting at home nodding their head, going "Oh yes, that's just what I need. That's the church for me, it'll solve anything."
I don't get it.
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