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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
4 weddings.... part 4 by arty_farty on 28 January 2007 1:12am
sorry for the hold up, its here now

Two weeks later, a knock came at Arty's door one morning. It was Mike, smiling blearily like he'd had a few generous pints. "I'm getting married! We've been at the pub celebrating. I met this wonderful schoolteacher in Vegas and we're engaged!" He pulled a photo from his pocket. The woman didn't look like any schoolteacher Arty had ever seen, but she decided not to spoil his good mood.

"err, congrats?" Arty said, trying to be tactful "whats her name?" to be honest the 'school teacher' looked rather scary, those two must have drunk quite a bit in Vegas

"Emily. She teaches kindergarten." Arty wanted to blurt out "Won't someone please think of the children?" but held her tongue.

they went inside and Arty made Mike coffee while holding her nose "still hate that smell then?" "i always will, its gross... so, when's the big day?" Mike gave a small laugh "you always say that about most stuff, hows Hugh? been seeing him recently?"
"Yes. So I won't have to pass another singleton awareness day in a torrid threesome with Ben and Jerry. Gets old after a while. He's much better than John, that's for sure." "Any man," said Mike, "would be better than him, I think."

" still, its weird you know? i guess men really are like buses" Mike gave Arty a look "you know, wait for ages then 3 come along"
"Hope for a flat tire, then. One less to deal with." Arty rolled her eyes.

"damn straight though" Arty put her head on her arms " a few years ago i thought Id never find someone else, now look" Mike ruffled her hair "stop being negative, dozy girl"

"I can't help but be cynical. Heather always told me the same thing, but it's hard for me to look on the bright side." Mike nodded. "Cheer up. You'll find the right one soon enough.":

"its kinda hard though, so many of my friends have got married. Sophie and Tom, Heather and Michael, you and...Emily" the buzzer went off and Arty went to let Hugh in "just thought i'd get some shopping" he said and kissed her
Mike flashed Arty a thumbs-up sign. "Mike's getting married," Arty told Hugh. He shook Mike's hand. "Congratulations. I'd like to settle down soon enough, when I find someone who will have me." "Arty would," said Mike matter-of-factly. Hugh's eyes twinkled as he put his arm around Arty's waist. "Would she now?"
Arty's face went bright red "cheers mike" she thought sarcastically " well not right now, maybe in a few weeks?" she finally replied "of course not, it would be very forward if i asked you now" Arty looked at his neck, there was two tiny red marks on it "are you all right?"
Hugh's hand went to his neck. "Fine. Ants in the flat, though. I'll have to have the pest control guys round again."

"nice, remind me to get you to shower everything you leave here." Mike stood up and put his mug in the sink "the wedding's in a weeks time, you two will be there right?" "yup, looking forward to it"

"Did you invite all the gang?" "But of course," said Mike. "Speaking of them, have you talked to Heather lately?"

"yes, she'll be back on Sunday. apparently very tanned"

"Where'd she go?" "Australia. I got an email from her. Michael's been there before, so he's showing her around. She says there's nothing like waking up with the Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House outside her window. Sent me some lovely holiday snaps and a cute picture of Michael asleep on her shoulder."

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