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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Anna Nicole Smith by George on 9 February 2007 3:01am
Right now, the former mayor of Mexia, TX, and his lunch bunch from the Tastie Freeze are probably waxing philosphic about it's former teenaged soda jerk, Anna Smith. Life was cruel to her, they're thinking. Sometimes blessings skip a generation. Her last husband, J. Howard Marshall, left her an unbelievable fortune. Hopefully, many will prosper.
Re: Anna Nicole Smith by sighthound on 9 February 2007 6:27am
A fortune that high-priced attorneys did their best to make sure she couldn't get her hands on. Let's hope her infant daughter will have better luck but I think that lawyers will be contesting this for decades and the fortune will end up in their pockets and nothing much will be left for whoever wins.
Re: Anna Nicole Smith by kazzzz on 9 February 2007 9:58am
Less than 12 hours later and various parties are squabbling over custody and agruing over who is the father of that poor baby, rather than trying to pull together.
What a disgraceful bunch.
I have heard all day about how hard her life has been. Apart from the recent tragic death of her son, I don't quite see how it was so hard. It appears that shes been riding the gravy train for years.
Re: Anna Nicole Smith by canaveralgumby on 9 February 2007 7:34pm
I'm going to miss her...

Re: Anna Nicole Smith by KikiO on 9 February 2007 9:03pm
I think they're using the term "hard life" as a nice way of saying she was pretty much mentally unstable.

Rather than anyone around her trying to help her overcome her mental/emotional issues, they simply became "yes men" and inabled her to continue down a dangerous life path.

All the money and/or fame in the world can't fix what's wrong on the inside.

She obviously suffered with low self esteem issues and lived a life of excess in an attempt to fill the voids and escape her inner pain.

It's such a pity that no one truly cared enough about her....rather than what they could get from her....to take serious steps to help stop her self destructive behaviors.

May she have the peace in her afterlife that she seemed unable to find in this one.
Re: Anna Nicole Smith by canaveralgumby on 9 February 2007 10:46pm
That is right on, KikiO.
Re: Anna Nicole Smith by Ellerd on 10 February 2007 12:21am
Well said KikiO.
Re: Anna Nicole Smith by sighthound on 10 February 2007 1:26am
Now Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, Prince somebody-or-other, is claiming that HE is the father of her kid! I couldn't write this stuff. If you tried passing her life off as fiction, you'd be laughed out of every publisher's office. Sheesh....
Re: Anna Nicole Smith by George on 10 February 2007 6:59am
I'm totally with you, Sight. The SNL writers & everone else must be gasping for breath.
Re: Anna Nicole Smith by Ellerd on 11 February 2007 1:15am
Even in death, Anna Nicole Smith is still a bit of a joke. Poor woman...

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