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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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LAYLA... by pandk2 on 2 April 2003 10:11am
Re: LAYLA... by pandk2 on 2 April 2003 10:11am
lAYLA, COME INTO THE CHATROOM...I know you're here!
Re: LAYLA... by Layla on 2 April 2003 11:31am
I went in - nobody's there - (sniff sniff)!
Re: LAYLA... by risible-phyll on 2 April 2003 1:53pm
Hi Layla word of advice Please dont avoid Karen she is really quite harmless , well after she gets past the part of throwing cream eggs and pitch forks about , simple things like learning to *DUCK* at appropriate times and saying yes please Miss will stand you in good stead!!!!

Oh and talking about *ducking * Ellen you are missed oh mighty Spam throwing lady i've not had the pleasure of being whacked by your almighty can hurling for a while , do tell me dear are you well and tell me when to *duck* !

Ha ha

Karen do you think Layla will join us now!!! ???

Layla come on down and join the ho-down

Phyll x
Re: LAYLA... by Layla on 2 April 2003 3:54pm
thanks for the advice, I've invested in a helmet and some body armour to protect myself in the event of getting hit by tins of spam, pitchforks and worst of all cream eggs. Sorry but I hate them, and I'm working to get them banned from the world, you better enjoy them while you can as soon all eggs will either be made of plain chocolate ( or possibly have a caramel filling) - ha!
( by the way yous do mean Cadbury Creme eggs don't you? with all that yellow and white icky stuff don't you?)
Re: LAYLA... by pandk2 on 2 April 2003 4:51pm
I regard this as slanderous, Phyll.
Poor Layla is wondering if I am harmless or not now!
You're all giving me a complex!
Yes Layla, we do indeed mean Cadbury creme eggs...no cheap copies please! I was watching you post messages before and trying to catch up with you for a chat! Maybe next time!

AND by the way Phyll, I have photographic evidence of you at your LOONIEST!
Abba eat your heart out!
I may have to relinquish myt title as looniest palinite after THAT little gem!
Re: LAYLA... by peripatetically on 2 April 2003 9:18pm
Phyll, I think Karen has something, there. She is the looniest! Have you heard?!!!???... She's looking for her hubby's "life insurance policy". I think she's got plans to cash in on it after using that tractor on him?? Wish I had his address...I'd warn the poor fella!

Re: LAYLA... by pandk2 on 3 April 2003 9:19am
Thanks for the chat Layla...see, I;m not THAT scary!
Ignore Phyll by the way, she just does this for attention..anyone would think it was her birthday or something!
Re: LAYLA... by Layla on 3 April 2003 10:35am
Thanks Karen, it was nice talking to yous, and now that I have all that body armour I feel a lot safer too!
Re: LAYLA... by Rusted on 3 April 2003 10:55am
Sorry I left the chat again, guys - but it's bloody 1:00AM in the morning (just waiting up for Michael) and I need to catch up on the site before I go to bed!

Thanks for the chat!

"Lookin' for a love..." ;O)

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